Saturday, 19 March 2016

Saturday shop day

Hello, happy Saturday to you all.

Wow this morning I woke up at 11.00, and came down to starving little people (bad mum). I never get up that late and I never have cupboards that are that bare, have I become Mother Hubbard?

So, my daughter and I got dressed and headed off to Aldi to buy a mountain of food, just in case I decide not to get up at all tomorrow ha ha.

This little lot cost me £63.00.

Every time I go to Aldi I am so pleased with the amount of food I manage to get for a very reasonable price.

The fruit bowl in the photo at the top is mine and was included in this shop. Don't you just love a colourful inviting fruit bowl? It almost makes me want to be healthy that is until I see the next chocolate bar (oops).

This evening I intend to put a couple of items on Ebay, they are only dresses so unlikely to produce a big return but hey, it all helps.

My thirteen year old is heading off on a Cadets Easter camp on Thursday so he is currently packing his kit and my lounge floor is covered in green camo. I really hope this all gets put into his bag by bedtime otherwise I will be heading off to bed having a mini meltdown at having to get up to that mess everywhere.

The Easter camp has cost £30.00 and I need to buy him a red torch and camo cream which will work out to another £15.00 which I have said I will get him instead of an Easter Egg but knowing me I won't be able to not get him an Easter Egg.

Well I'm off to have a nice bath and read my book so, have a lovely evening and take care xx

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