Monday, 29 February 2016

Menu Plan Monday

Good Evening, I hope you have had a good Monday.

It has been a normal Monday around here, except I was a mean mummy this morning! I don't like being harsh with my children because in all honesty I think I have wonderful children but today, I was upset with them. Only the two youngest, because I had asked them several times at the weekend to tidy their bedroom. This morning my eight year old couldn't find his school shoes making us late leaving. I eventually found his shoes under his bed with a mountain of other rubbish. So nasty mean mummy told them if they didn't clean it up tonight I would take two large boxes into their room and take everything to the tip. They cried all the way to school. But they now have a tidy bedroom and they both feel very pleased with themselves and have found a couple of books I was in the middle of reading them, that they couldn't find.

Monday - Chicken Fajitas with salad and Mexican bean rice

Tuesday - Spaghetti Bolognese

Wednesday - One pan sausage and new potatoes bake

Thursday - Home cooked Gammon sandwiches

Friday - Pizza and Garlic bread

Saturday - Chilli and Rice

Sunday - Leftovers

Last night, I finished the book I was reading so as my eldest son seems to be tired tonight and not his usual chatty self, I might have an early'ish night and start my new book.

I sold a game and some cushions on eBay this weekend, so I need to post them this weekend and list some more items.

I only walked three miles today (slacker) and the only housework I have done today is put the dishwasher on, clean the kitchen and put on a load of washing.

I did have wash the floors and some ironing on my list too but they can wait until tomorrow. I'm too tired.

Now doesn't that look inviting?

Well that's it from me for today, have a lovely evening and take care xx

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