Saturday, 18 June 2016

All about the kids!

Good evening, I hope you have had a lovely Saturday and all is good in your world.

Things here have taken a turn for the worse, I can't go into details as some of my family are not currently aware of what is happening but as many of you who are regular readers will know my darling dad is very poorly and needless to say things are not looking good.

If I'm honest I'm finding it very hard to get the motivation to write anything, luckily the children were very busy; I have one at work; one on an expedition all weekend; one that was helping out at a summer fĂȘte; one at a very cool birthday party and finally one little man that spent the whole afternoon with me. Them being so busy has picked me up a bit, it forces me to just get on with things and not sit feeling sorry for myself.

Realistically I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself its not me being forced to go through the pain, its my own selfishness that I might lose someone I dearly love that makes me feel like this but what I really want is for him to not suffer.

I have spent most of the day running the children around and that's fine, I'm quite happy to do that.

I have spent a fair amount of money today as I bought a present for my youngest sons friend, whilst we were buying this I also bought presents for the boys to give to their sister next week for her birthday.

They bought a present for fathers day for Ben but rather than several gifts this year we have just bought one, which I hope he'll like!

I haven't got much for my dad, he has told my mum he doesn't want much, there are no actual gifts that he would like and he is not eating much again so I have bought him a chocolate bar in the hopes that he has a piece when he fancies it and he smokes, so I am going to get him some cigarettes (its not like it can make things worse and at least he will enjoy them).

I have arranged to have a surprise sleepover for my daughters birthday next weekend. We are not in a position to pay out for expensive parties and she has never had friends over for a sleepover before so hopefully this will surprise her and make her happy and feel special.

I hope you have a good Sunday and take care xx


  1. Tara, I am so sorry about your dad. I hope the pain can be managed. Does he have hospice care at home? You don't have to answer here if you want to avoid people reading about it. Email me. (((HUGSS))) and to your mom too.

    1. Thanks Nathalie, I have seen him today. Its fathers day here I think it is with you too isn't it? I will email you what the doctors have said but he seemed in better spirits than I expected today. Xx