Sunday, 5 June 2016

Fun at Fingrinhoe

Hi, Happy Sunday.

Finally the sun has decided to show us what it looks like, and it looks delightful!

We decided to take our little darlings out for a picnic today. We had been told by a colleague of mine that there was a beautiful nature reserve in a little village called Fingrinhoe, so we loaded the car and set off on our journey.

We arrived and immediately the children announced that they were starved, so we found a table in a quiet area and had lunch with the birds soaring above us. What more could anyone ask for?

We wandered around the reserve at a leisurely pace, walking through the wooded area, by the ponds and lakes. The children happily chatted about the birds, fish and flowers that surrounded us and it was a lovely reprieve from the technology that normally controls our lives.

We got some lovely photos.

We took money with us to buy the children ice creams but they were quite happy with the picnic food so we didn't spend any money. Woohoo!

When we arrived home I skyped Liam who had moved from his apartment to the Hilton for the final part of his trip. He showed me around his room, with its gigantic headboard and toilet, and told me he as going to eat at the shake shack and wander round times square doing some shopping.

Unfortunately, our half term is almost over. I have to go back to work tomorrow and the children are back to school on Tuesday but we have had a lovely week reading book, watching films, playing games and enjoying each others company. We have seven weeks left of the school year and I'm sure it will go really quickly.

Enjoy your evening and take care xx


  1. So pretty! Thanks for sharing the photos! It sounds like you guys had a great, relaxing and frugal day too! I like the chickens. Greg and i would love to have chickens but they're not allowed within city limits. Secretly, I'm happy about it because it would add more chores to my already too long list of chores, lol.

    I really like the photo with the outline of the old boat in the ground. That's fantastic!

    Summer break is almost here! It'll be here way earlier for us as my kids' last day of school for the year is this Thursday.

    I hope Liam enjoys the end of his stay in the USA and has a safe trip home.

    Have a great Monday, Tara!

    1. It was a really lovely day Nathalie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      Wow there is a lot you can't have within city limits!

      Oh I wish we broke up Thursday too, still I'm sure it will go quickly, it usually does.

      I hope your kids have a lovely final week at school.

      Have a good day xx