Thursday, 23 June 2016

Quick Post

Well the day has come when the UK makes a decision on whether we remain or leave Europe. Everyone has their own opinion of what they believe to be the right decision. I personally have made my decision, a choice that I made a long time ago and could not be changed by all the scaremongering that has taken place over the last few months. 

Tonight I placed my big cross in pen, as there has been rumours of the pencils provided being rubbed out, I do not believe that there will be a dramatic change in the next ten or so years maybe even in my lifetime but I am hoping the change that is desperately needed in the UK will come in my children lifetime so that their futures will be brighter.

Enough of politics! Last nights concert was wonderful, the children sang their little hearts out and were a complete pleasure to listen to.

One particular song struck a chord with me it is called I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack and as I listened to the words and watched my daughter singing them it made me think that I never want her to lose her sense of wonder,  and when she gets the chance to sit out or dance, I want her to dance!

As most of you know it is her birthday on Sunday and I thought I would type up the lyrics and put it in a frame to go up in her bedroom so she always knows what I want for her.

Well I am off to bed now and when I wake up in the morning we will know a little more where we stand and what sort of future is ahead of us. Fingers crossed
Night and take care xx


  1. I don't know what the right answer is as I don't feel it concerns me... although all the newsmedia here warn of huge ramifications on Wall Street should the UK vote for exiting the EU, and of course all our retirement savings are invested in the stock exchange so we stand to lose a lot. Beyond that... all I know is that everyone in my family wishes France left the EU too. They say they have seen zero benefits but are paying 4 times as much for everything as they used to and the Roma problem is much worse now that there aren't any borders.

    Something tells me that even if the vote is to exit, doesn't mean that the UK will indeed exit. There's far too much pressure for it to remain in the EU. I guess we'll see...

    1. I agree, I think if I'm honest its all a farce and whatever the true vote is we will remain. Just the fact that Gibraltar, whose whole livelihood relies on Europe, has been allowed to vote in our referendum says it all!

      I agree with your family everything is dearer now and we don't get to make any of our own laws and pretty much anyone can come and live here now.

  2. How lovely Tara that you are framing the lyrics of this song. This is a song that also struck a chord with me. I put the lyrics to the song in the Memory Book that I presented to my daughter the night before her wedding.

    1. Ah how lovely Susan what a lovely thing to do for your daughter. The words are so poignant. Xx