Saturday, 4 June 2016

Lazy Saturday!

Happy Saturday folks, I hope you are having a nice, fun day.

The quote above reminded me of my dear Liam, as he makes me laugh every day with his funny comments and the daft things he does. I hope he never changes because its so good to laugh!

I just wanted to share with you some of the healthy bargains I have bought over the last few days.


Three lots of pineapple at 10p each that we used to go with lunch yesterday, the banana's were 74p and have been used for breakfast, lunch and snacks for my thirteen year old the last couple of days and we still have a few left.

I also managed to get three punnets of raspberries for 10p each, two punnets of plums for 50p each, one punnet of kiwis and two punnets of red grapes both at 10p each. I got a pack of two Gammon steaks for 10p, I have put these in the freezer.

We used the raspberries first for breakfast and lunch as these will probably have the shortest life span.

The grapes, plums and kiwis are in the fridge, I won't buy any more fruit until these have gone. They are not a bargain even at 10p if you are putting them in the bin.

I also got two packs of hot dog rolls for 14p each, four sesame seed bagels for 10p and two large milk cartons for 58p each.

The hot dog rolls and one of the cartons of milk have gone into the freezer, we are using the other milk and as you can see from the photo above the bagels were used for lunch.

I have found over the last week that I can certainly reduce our shopping bill by buying a lot of items at a seriously reduced price the hardest thing to find is meat and even when they are reduced there is not a massive discount on them.  The above lamb shoulder joint I found reduced to £7.98 and thought this would be a nice treat one weekend done on the barbeque with baked potatoes and salad.

We use chicken breasts a lot in curries or sliced in panini's or sandwiches so when I saw these two packs at £1.94 each I knew they were a really good buy because we normally get three packs for £10.00. So they went straight into the freezer.

Tonight, we have home made burgers with salad so the lettuce is for the salad and my youngest son doesn't like burgers so the pizza is for his tea with salad.

I feel that this week, we as a family have eaten healthier meals. The children haven't requested sweets because they have had fruit, of course since Thursday they have also had one of their nana's cakes a day but overall we have saved money and eaten healthier long may it continue.

Further savings

Yesterday I took the children for hair cuts. The place that we take them has a have twelve cuts get one free system and yesterday it was time for the free haircut so instead of costing £24.00 it cost £16.00 but I did give a further £2.00 each in tip to each of the stylists. The thirteen year old didn't come because he had to have his hair cut before camp a couple of weeks ago.

Don't they look cute!

This evening once the children have gone to bed I am going to relax and read my book, I am currently reading Far From True by Linwood Barclay and hopefully chat on Skype to Liam, he spent the day in Connecticut today following his visit to UCON yesterday.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, Take care xx


  1. Such a great deal on those raspberries and really, on everything! You're doing a terrific job, Tara! And the kids enjoying the fruit instead of eating baked goods is good not only for your wallet but also for your diet as you have fewer goodies to resist!

    The kids are adorable! Yay for loyalty programs, eh?

    I'm about to go read my book too. I hope you have a great Sunday!

    1. Lets hope it makes a difference to my waistline too Nathalie.

      I have started drinking water today too. I have had two large glasses so far today. We have a system at work whereby each term we pay for a coffee fund but when we go back I am going to try and not pay into it and just have water. Fingers crossed.

      Absolutely I love it when we get a free haircut its great.

      Enjoy your book. I would like to read The Survivors Club.

      You too xxx