Monday, 20 June 2016

Monday Mayhem!

Its raining, its pouring and its getting very boring!

Hello dear friends,

Oh my goodness did you wake up to a complete downpour this morning. We left for school with coats and umbrellas. Half way to school a gust of wind turned my umbrella inside out and snapped it. I have to admit this turned me into a five year old and I stood there stamping my feet! My youngest son pointed out quite truthfully "Mummy, you tell us not to act spoilt and stamp our feet". Rightly so my dear boy but I was not acting spoilt I was acting frustrated, severely frustrated and being permanently WET!

Anyway, after lunch it decided to disappear thankfully and we walked home in our thick winter coats, still wet but this time from sweat. It was boiling honestly what is going on with our weather. And please no-one point out global warming because yes I know!

Well back to the more fun things, I popped into town to pick up my daughters birthday dresses that I ordered weeks ago and hadn't got round to picking up and popped into Paperchase as they had a sale and I got her a lunch box for next year which was £4.00, a couple of pens reduced to £1.00 each.

For dinner today we had :-

Garlic and Herb Chicken £5.00
Roasted New Potatoes £1.00
Buttery Corn on the Cob £2.00
Roasted Vine Tomatoes £1.00 (lots left over) Total £9.00

This evening I had to do some shopping as our cupboards and freezer were bare.

I have decided to put a chicken curry in the slow cooker tomorrow as my daughter has guides.  So I bought twelve chicken breast for £10.00, I also bought an additional two chicken breasts reduced to 40p and I have put four of them in the freezer.

I bought two packs of naan bread at £1.00 each and we have plenty of rice in the cupboard.

Other items I bought are:-
  • Ritz crackers £1.00
  • Tuc crackers 50p
  • Garlic crackers 95p
  • Krave Cereal £2.00
  • Milk 89p
  • 48 Sausages reduced to 80p (in the freezer for two meals one this week one next week)
  • Three tubs of ice cream reduced to £1.50 each
  • Diet coke £1.00
  • Vimto reduced to 89p
  • Two bottle of juice £1.00 each
  • Two six packs crisps £1.00 each
I also bought my daughters birthday cards from us and her brothers.

Well that's about it from me for one night.

Take care xx

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