Monday, 6 June 2016

Wow, im a busy bee!


Sorry lovely people its a late one tonight.

Let me tell you about my busy, busy day.

This morning I left for work at 7.30am because I only had to work three and a quarter hours today and as it was a teacher training day I could go in when I wanted and leave after my hours were done.

I realise that I am much luckier than most people because I don't have to worry about childcare, I have the holidays off with my children but I do hate leaving my children on teacher training days because invariably they are always the day before we go back to school and that is the day I want to spend as much time with them as possible. Yeah I know, I'm never satisfied!

At work I was busy, we had air conditioning put into out classroom during the holiday, phew, that room was hot! We also had a new cupboard which we desperately needed so we spent the morning tidying up and putting all the things we have used during the year into folders. And generally getting everything ready for tomorrow.

Once I had finished work I quickly walked home and was met by lots of hugs and kisses (I'm so lucky).

And so the list begins:-

  • Made lunch
  • Vacuumed downstairs
  • Vacuumed upstairs
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Washed up
  • Brought one load of washing in off the line
  • Put another load of washing on the line
  • Put another load on to wash
  • Ironed school clothes for tomorrow
  • Cleaned all the shoes
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Washed the floors
  • Cleaned the downstairs toilet
  • Packed the school bags
  • Went to the shop to buy my thirteen year old his fourth pair of school shoes since September (don't get me started on that one)
  • Bought salad stuff for quick tea and lunch stuff for this week
  • Packed six lunches ready for tomorrow
  • Cleaned the kitchen again!
  • Bathed and hair washed the three little ones - also scrubbed their teeth
  • Finally Homework!
Let me tell you about the homework situation this half term, oh dear, darling daughter who is brilliant with her homework lost one of her homework sheets. Bless her she compromised, she knew she had to draw a picture and put lots of her spelling words inside. So she drew a tiger strolling through the grasslands and although she was unsure what her spelling words were she wrote a lot of words down and checked them in the dictionary and if she got it wrong she used it as a spelling word.
Initiative - good girl. I am proud! She also completed her maths.

Eight year old - Completed his Mathletics, no problem its on the computer so he was quite happy to do that. We had a small melt down when he got one question wrong and refused to accept that he might be wrong and the computer be right until he realised he has confused perimeter and area.

But oh dear the English, he didn't have any until I got to work and my colleague, whose daughter is in the same class, asked how long his English homework had taken. I checked his bag, big surprise no homework. So I contacted my colleague who sent through a copy of the homework.
He had to write a fact sheet about three different cities. Tantrum was about to ensue when I suggested he complete it on the computer, three hours later he is still researching, typing, finding appropriate pictures and graphs to complement what he had written. It turns out to be one of the best pieces of work I have ever seen him write. Oh no I need to get the child a computer!

Then youngest son had the choice to do whatever he wanted about coastal areas, of course he drew a picture of the seaside but I managed to convince him to write a poem to go with his picture and it was incredibly cute.

They will go back to school tomorrow and I can honestly say they all worked very hard on their homework and they should be proud of what they achieved.

Money spent

£28.00 school shoes (again)
£32.00 Food (packed lunch and quick tea food)

I did not go to the supermarket tonight as I had to buy shoes so I did not buy any yellow sticker items today


Walking backwards and forwards to school

I am off to bed now, take care xx

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