Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday Update

Good afternoon,

Monday is here again and for once I'm quite glad, its almost nice to get away from all the crazy and back to the normality of children asking for help or making me laugh with their funny little comments. I love working in year five because you can see their personalities and sense of humour peaking through.

Cheap yet delicious
For dinner today we eat a yummy roast - lamb that I bought on offer, roast and mash potatoes bought on offer, broccoli bought on offer, Sweetcorn (2 cans for £1.00) and Yorkshire puddings (12 for a £1.00)

My thirteen year old competed in high jumps today and got a silver medal. I am so proud of him as he always puts himself down and says he is no good at sport. Well he proved himself wrong today!

Liam's flight is due to leave Marseille today at 10.30pm, I will be glad to get him home. He us now sitting safe and sound in the security lounge. Big Yay!

I have been feeling quite tense the last few days, so tonight I think I am going to have a nice bubble bath with a hair and face pack and just relax.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx

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  1. I'm so glad he was able to make it to the airport and then back home unarmed! Now I have to worry about the hooligans in Paris. My Paris brother (who works in the subway there) was told he would be relocated to a new location to help with all the crowds. Ugh.

    Congratulations to your 13 y/o for his silver medal! How awesome is that?!?

    Have a wonderful and less stressful Tuesday, Tara!