Friday, 10 June 2016

Huge Yay, he is home

Hello dear friends,

I hope you have had a nice day.

Mine has been fabulous, I went to work this morning knowing that Liam, my eighteen year old son, was on his way home from his three week trip to New York.

I left work at 1.15 to my gorgeous son standing outside waiting for me. It was such a wonderful sight to see him. We went to lunch together and spent an hour and a half chatting about his trip, the things he saw, the things he liked, the things he thought I would like.

We then went to pick the children up from school and my little eight year old didn't realise he was with me and stood next to him, he then looked up and  I wish I could have captured the look of surprised delight on his face. The other children were all as pleased to see him.

We all received thoughtful gifts from him that suited each of our personalities, he is a very good present buyer, which I have to admit he does not get from me!

We have only seen him for a few hours, and he will not even be in the country for 24 hours before he travels to France to see the first England Euro match. And I have to admit with everything in the news I am very nervous about this trip but he is a sensible boy.

My youngest son went round his best friends house for tea and when I picked him up, I met her mum, she is a lovely lady that has the same amount of children of similar ages as me. We chatted for an enjoyable half an hour and I look forward to having a coffee with her one day soon.

Well that's about it from me for tonight

Take care xx


  1. Tara, I am so happy to read that your son Liam is home again! I, too, have seen a bit of news about stuff going on in France; I hope your son has a safe and enjoyable trip. Keeping him in my thoughts, and you, too, of course.

    1. Ah, thank you Bless, that's really kind of you. There has been a lot of bad things on our news today but he has kept me updated and he is staying in the quiet areas.
      I hope you are doing well xxx

  2. Glad he made it home OK. So what school did he decide to apply for?!

    I hope he enjoys the Euro and everything goes smoothly. Stay away from the Hooligans!

    How sweet that your little one was so excited to see his big brother! At one point my 3 boys were close (when they were younger) but now it seems they don't like one another much anymore. Sigh.

    And you made a new friend! Yay!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh Nathalie he hasn't decided and I think there may be another couple off trips on the cards. One in your neck of the woods.

      He has updated me a few times today and he is staying in the quiet areas. He went out for a meal and had steak tartar that he loved.

      It so sad when they grow apart, I dream that they will always be close but who knows. I think over the last couple of years my brother and I have grown apart a bit sadly.

      I don't make friends very easily but she was a lovely lady. I'm always a bit nervous of people being bitchy.

      I hope you have a great weekend too. Xx

    2. I wasn't sure what you were talking about because I hadn't seen any news about Marseille over here but I just read an article on the Belfast Telegraph and then on french news websites. So sad, and all of this over a stupid football game... I'm glad he's staying safe but it's going to get worse after the game, probably. He should get away and go back to the UK as soon as possible!

    3. Nathalie, when he came out of the game he said it was absolute carnage, so dangerous thankfully a guy that they were talking too is taking them away from it all I. His car and they are on their way back to the hotel now but they cant fly ho.e for two days. Xx

    4. Goodness. He should stay at the hotel! I need to email my brother and make sure he and his GF are OK... they don't live too far from the Old Port...

    5. He will. He's not silly.I hope they are ok. Let me know when you hear from them. My thoughts are with them. Xxx

    6. Hi Nathalie l, hope your family are ok things should settle down tomorrow when most people leave

    7. Hey Liam! I'm so glad you're OK! Be safe. My brother is a cop in Marseille but he's in IT so he wouldn't have been called for the riots. I think I would have heard from him or his GF if something had happened to them. He's not a football fan, I don't think, so he probably stayed home. However his GF works for the Opera of Marseille, just off the Old Port, so that worries me. I emailed them but as you know it's quite late there so they're probably sleeping and I haven't gotten a response.
      Anyhoo, keep your head down and don't talk to any crazy Russian people! Take care!