Thursday, 2 June 2016

How Frugal is this?

Good afternoon, I'm a bit later posting today because my lovely mum came over. Yay! She had a nice chat with Liam too, which made her feel better and she can report back to my dad to let him know that he is fine and happy.

I am now going to update you on the food bargains that we eat yesterday.
Breakfast - was a mixture of Porridge, Crunchy Nut and Krave - I cannot quite work out the cost of this at the moment because they were bought a while ago and I'm not sure what they cost, the Crunchy Nut was on offer and cost £2.00 for a box.

Lunch -


Mine was the Ham and cucumber sandwich with crisps a mini blueberry muffin and raspberries.

Youngest son has the cheese and cucumber roll, the rest was the same as mine.

The other three children had burgers (leftover from the barbeque) and the rest the same as mine.

The bread for my sandwich was on offer for 10p.

The rolls were on offer for 69p.

The raspberries were on offer for 20p.

The muffins were on offer for 10p
The cheese and the ham were on a joint offer two for £4.00 and the crisps were six packs for £1.00 (I bought these because they are a lower calorie option).
Dinner last night was :-

Mince in gravy inside a large Yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes and green beans.

The mince was £4.00 for two packs (both were used)

The Yorkshire puddings were three for £1.00 and I bough six so £2.00.

The green beans are frozen ones that I had in the freezer.

The potatoes were 43p a bag and I used five potatoes out of a bag of eight.

Sorry I have no photo of the full meal as we were all hungry.

Desert was a chocolate cake

The cake was reduced to 61p and has done two days deserts for the children and there is enough left for one more day.

Money spent on Wednesday

Prescription for eardrops £8.40
ASDA offers £4.48

That is all I spent yesterday, unfortunately I had to go to the doctors and I have an ear infection and a perforated ear drum so I had to get some ear drops. Aren't prescriptions dear now?

I went to ASDA after getting my prescription and bought some offers.

This little haul consisted of:-

Baked Beans on offer £2.00 (tonight's dinner)
Flavoured water 3 bottles £1.00
Bread reduced 5p
Leek and potatoes soup veg pack reduced to 10p (Fridays lunch)
Green beans reduced to 10p (Fridays tea)
Cherries reduced to 20p (todays lunch)
Grapes reduced to 30p (todays lunch)
Asparagus reduced to 10p (Fridays tea)
Broccoli reduced to 10p (Sundays dinner)

Are you impressed?

 Now as you know my mum came round today and she always comes bearing gifts so this is what she brought.

The cakes look bought but they were actually made she just reuses the cake case because its ideal.

She made decorated cup cakes, blueberry muffins and there are some fruit cakes under the blueberry muffins. I am going to freeze some of these for packed lunches next week.

The Mixup crisps I am going to save for movie evening at the weekend.

Things I have done in the house today

  • Hovered downstairs
  • Put the washing on
  • Hung the washing on the line
  • Cleaned the downstairs toilet
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Make breakfast
  • Make lunch
  • Make the beds
Apart from that I just sat and enjoyed my mums company.

Well have a lovely day.

Take care xx




  1. You weren't kidding, you got some awesome deals! Bravo!
    Your lunches look delicious and just the expression Yorkshire Pudding makes me salivate, lol.
    So glad you got to see your mom and chat with Liam. How nice of her to bring all those goodies... now stay away from them :)
    How is your ear feeling now?

    1. Thanks Nathalie, I was pleased with myself.

      Want to come to lunch? Ha ha

      It would probably be cheaper to make the Yorkshire pudding but I don't really have a pan that they would fit in.

      Ha ha, I will stay away from the goodies, she is great isn't she. But I'm going to be good.

      My ear hurts a lot now I am putting the drops in and it keeps popping and creaking but I guess that means its working so on the up.

      Have a nice afternoon xx

  2. Good work on the bargains 👍

    1. Thank you darling, its not as much fun bargain hunting without you though. Xx