Monday, 27 June 2016

Wow Busy Weekend Ahoy!

Hello, I hope you are all well. It has been busy around here with a birthday, girlie sleepovers and visits from several family members.
It started Friday when I wrapped up all my baby girls presents and started to get all the washing done, it then carried on to Saturday when I had to get up early to take my thirteen year old to a paintball party. 
After dropping him off I popped to one of the supermarkets that I don't normally go to as they had  crisps, garlic bread, dough balls and drinks on offer. I then went home and started to tidy the house when my mum arrived with presents and a mountain of cupcakes. We had lunch together and discussed how shocked we were that England had actually voted out of Europe.
Mum left and Ben took our daughter and eight year old son to pick up their brother, my seven year old and I finished tidying up and ran back to the shops to get a birthday cake and pizza for the sleepover.
We just got back and hid everything before they returned. About an hour later the first knock on the door came and my daughter who knew nothing about what I had organised stood staring a one of her best friends vaguely and said "Hello, why are you here". When her friend told her she got all excited and started to jump up and down. Then her other friends arrived, it was a busy evening of girls laughing, singing and dancing on the patio in the rain, watching movies, eating chocolate and crisps.
At bedtime they chatted and chatted and chatted and laughed and in the end my daughter and one of her friends said they needed to sleep so I separated them from the rest of the group and they fell asleep straight away. The rest of the group carried on chatting. And think I got four hours sleep...
The following morning my daughter opened her presents, watched movies with her friends and when they left my brother and sister in law arrived. We had birthday cake and then went to the park, played games and just spent time together.

It was a very full weekend and we went off to work/school this morning feeling rather worn out but it was worth it to see the beaming smiles and my daughters words "Thanks mum I'm so happy, your the best mum ever". Well deserved for the best daughter ever!

Take care and sleep tight xx


  1. Aww Tara, you're such a good mom! I'm so happy your daughter had no clue and that it was such a welcome surprise! Get some rest, you deserve it, lady.

    1. Thanks Nathalie, it really was nice to see her so happy. I can't believe her friends actually kept it quiet, bless them.
      I do intend to have an earlier night but I guess that's not hard. Ha ha xxx

  2. What a wonderful birthday party surprise. She will remember this one for the rest of her life. I hope you are not going to try surpassing this one, because I don't think that is going to happen. You ARE the best mum ever. Just let those words wash over you and enjoy. It isn't going to last. Ha.

    1. Ha ha Susan I am not going to try and surpass this one. No I'm sure when she is a teenager she will 'hate me' and i'll be the 'worst mum ever' although I hope not. But for now I will revel in being great (her friends think so too). Xx