Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lazy days!

Happy Saturday!

Well today I have not done very much at all.

I dropped my thirteen year old off to a cadets testing board early this morning. He passed both the tests that he had today, one was for first aid and the other was for his shooting accuracy. I am very proud of him because he said he struggles a bit with first aid.

I then took my daughter into town as she wanted to have a look in Lush, River Island, and a stationary store that I can't remember the name of. We then met my sister-in-law for a coffee which was lovely.

We then came home and I fell asleep on the sofa for a hour (I never do that).

I am lucky enough to have received a lot of updates from Liam letting me know that he is safe and keeping to the quiet areas. Sadly the game turned out to be a draw in the last few minutes.

I popped to ASDA tonight and got some fantastic bargains.

I got four lots of mashed potatoes for 10p each.
Two lots of sliced potatoes for 10p each
Two pots of fresh fruit for 10p each
Four peaches for 10p
A rosemary plant for 10p

The mash and one of the sliced potatoes went into the freezer.

Tonight's dinner consisted of Gammon steaks that cost me 10p, sliced potatoes 10p and tinned Sweetcorn that cost 50p. The desert was the fresh fruit 20p. So the total cost of the meal was 90p.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Congratulations to your son for passing his tests! That's exciting, especially when you're worried that you might not pass :)

    You probably needed that nap really badly! I never nap either and I spent most of the afternoon sleeping on the couch yesterday. I felt very weird when I got up afterwards, though.

    Awesome bargains at the store! You're doing so well :)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Tara & Liam,

    Heard back from my brother. He and his GF are fine, staying away from downtown and thankfully she doesn't have to work right now. Liam, he said that if you felt that you needed help, he would come and get you to take you to the airport. So email me at imperfectlynathalie at gmail with your phone number and I'll give you his just in case, ok? He does speak English (although it's not great!). Take care.

    1. I'm so glad to hear they are both ok and that his girlfriend doesn't have to work today.
      That was so kind of him please tell him thank you. Liam's hotel in half an hour away from Marseille and they are flying back from a different airport so I think they will be fairly safe now until they get home.
      I feel very lucky to have you as a friend Nathalie, you and your family are very kind and that's rare to find these days. Thank you xxx

  3. Ah thank you 😊. We are staying in Martigues tonight so hopefully far enough outside or Marseille to avoid any further trouble. Glad they are ok

    1. Hey guys, he said to tell you no problem and that Liam, you should let him know if you're having any problems because Martigues isn't that far anyway (not meaning that the violence could spread there, meaning that it's not far for him to drive if you need help!).

    2. Thank you Nathalie, he seems to be having a lovely day today, he has just sent me a photo of the Marina where he is relaxing. Your brother is very kind and we really appreciate it. If their are any problems Liam will get in touch, I'm going to email you xx