Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I dressed up as an Elephant!

Hello dear friends, I hope you are all well. I am typing this as I am cooking dinner which is very unusual. Today there was no choir, they had a week off following last weeks concert so therefore I was home early. I have tidied up and got dinner ready and I am typing this before we eat it and jead off to Guides.

It is pouring with rain outside but we were very lucky as it has been sports day and it held off all day.

I normally help with sports day but today I decided to watch the children (big mistake! Ha ha), they were all the same team so I happily cheered them on or jeered at them, only my daughter whose javelin landed next to her feet, it was hilarious!

Any how, then a never before event occurred, it was mum and dads go on the final event, our final event was dress up and run, there had to be three parents per six child team and I had three in one team... Noooooo! So I had to dress up as an elephant and run, for goodness sake, ironic, make the skinny girl dress up as an elephant! Not little Miss Lard Arse!

Of course the kids found it hilarious and not just mine. Its a good job I can take a joke.

Well little Miss Lard Ares is off to bed now and No, not dressed as an elephant before you ask...

Take care, sleep tight

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  1. HAhahahaha! Better you than me, I can't even run these days! So...did your team win the race?!