Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A day in the life of... me!

Good evening my dear friends,  I have no extra income to tell you about this week because I haven't got around to putting anything on ebay or sorting out any extra books.

So today I thought I would just ramble on about our day and the costs involved.

This morning my eldest had a doctors appointment to have a meningitis injection, he has always been nervous of injections so he asked if I would come with him.  Of course I said yes, but we didn't have the car today as sweet man was working an hour away from home so we caught the bus to the doctors surgery. This cost £7.50. Although it almost cost more. We came out of the doctors, ran for the bus assuming it was ours, hopped on and headed off in the wrong direction! Oh no! I had to run down to the bus driver and he let us off at the next bus stop. We got on the next bus going in the right direction, I explained to the bus driver what we had done and he didn't charge us. (Big Yay for nice bus drivers).

On the way home we stopped at the supermarket.  I am starting to get packed lunch things in ready for work and going back to school. I did very well!

I got three lots of bagels for the freezer for 45p each. Two bags of chocolate chip brioche rolls for 32p each. Crisps reduced from £1.50 to £1.00 and juice reduced from £1.25 to 85p. Yippee!

My littlest son got hold of my phone today and took this photo of my daughter which I really like.

For tea tonight I got food out of the freezer, so no spending and an easy dinner.

Well I did other things today such as cleaning and ironing but I don't want to bore you with the details so I am going off for an early night as I am back to work tomorrow.

Sadly, six weeks have flown by.

Goodnight for now.


  1. Happy first day back at work. I hope it's a good one!

    Your daughter is very pretty. I love that her younger sibling took that picture!

    1. And I need to calculate the conversion rate for your finds but it sounds to me like you got good deals (I can see those yellow price reduction stickers!). Yay! More money in your own pocket for your Christmas shopping... I love your plan, btw. I didn't have time to comment on that blog post but it sounds like you're much like me (although I don't clean or decorate all that much, hahahah). I also usually start the Christmas shopping in earnest in August or September. It's easier now that the kids are older because all they want is cash (but that makes for a boring pile of presents under the tree, IMO).

  2. Thanks hun, I'm shattered.

    I haven't seven had chance to read what you have been upto.

    Ah thank you, she is my princess.

    I know so pleased with my deals. I have found out that they reduce things at 5.30 so guess where it'll be off to at 5.30 ha ha

    I noticed that you have started buying Christmas bits. It really makes a difference doesn't it? I can't stand rushing and feeling disorganised it stresses me out.

    Nathalie, you certainly garden more than me! Your garden looks great, you would have a fit if you saw my jungle out the front haha. Well I am off to bed I am going to read what you have been up to over breakfast in the morning. Something to look forward to. X