Sunday, 6 September 2015

Spending Update 30/08/15 - 05/09/15

Hiya peeps, how are you all on this fine Sunday morning? I hope you are well!

I am a little excited today because I have just found out that Sainsbury's a local supermarket has a coupon site. Oh I almost feel like my lovely American friends.

Let me tell you how this works.

  1. You will need a Nectar loyalty card
  2. You need to log into and sign up
  3. The site looks at your shopping history from your card and gives you coupons based on this
  4. It will then give you a list of coupons and you can choose five, which are then logged onto your card for the next time you shop
The coupons give you extra nectar points which = money off (yay big cheer!)

I chose:-
Toilet rolls = 50 Nectar points
Whole Chicken = 70 Nectar points
Hovis bread = 40 Nectar points
Warburton crumpets = 40 Nectar points
Cathedral City Cheese = 90 Nectar points

As soon as you have used your vouchers you can download another five coupons, these coupons can also be used alongside any other offers in store. (Yay, double whammy).

Okay, so now for this weeks spending.

30/08 - £8.04 ASDA
31/08 - £41.81 ASDA (includes 2 packs of batteries for Christmas fund)
01/09 - £11.24 ASDA
02/09 - £16.10 ASDA (includes two school shirts for my son his old ones were far too small)
03/09 - £4.00 CO-OP
03/09 - £2.50 ASDA
04/09 - £1.30 ASDA
04/09 - £2.25 TESCO
05/09 - £12.77 B&M (includes a lunch box for eldest son)
05/09 - £38.97 ASDA (includes two lunch boxes)

Total = £138.98 now I am going to take off the extras so I have a food total.
Food Total = £110.48

This week we are £10.48 above our food shopping weekly budget but down again on our average food shops over the last six weeks. I am really pleased with that.

Whilst I am going to keep to the £100 weekly budget, I am also going to start looking at it on a monthly basis as that is how we get paid. This will then allow me to cut back if I have gone over the week before.

New lunch boxes, lets hope they stay clean like this.

I love the fact that my children get on brilliantly with each other, they look out and take care of each other. This morning I came downstairs to my daughter and my thirteen year old watching t.v together.

Love these guys so very much!

Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday. Ah we have homework to do (nothing like leaving it to the last minute ha ha!)


  1. Baby steps... you're doing great, Tara! So smart for you to have looked for Sainsbury coupons on their website and loading up the ones you're going to use! I've come across another UK blogger who was talking about her Nectar points and saying that she got free merchandise with those, so I hope it all works out for you. Other UK bloggers made it sound like some of the grocery stores (and I think Sainsbury was one of them) deeply discount their products such as deli and produce at about 9:30 p.m. so if you or Ben even have the opportunity to go shopping that late, maybe you could check it out? It might be worth it.

    I need to work on posting my August Grocery Shopping recap,maybe I'll work on that today. It does help to look at it month by month, as you say, because yes if you go over one week, you can strive to reduce your spending accordingly the following week so that in the end you still break even. £11 isn't that much so you should be able to recoup that if you're careful. I also need to recoup money this coming week and since my freezer is absolutely full, I won't be able to stock up on any special meat deals, which will help me remain below $100, hopefully!

    Well, I'm off to print my Sunday morning coupons... that is if my computer cooperates. It's been a frustrating morning so far, 90 minutes on it and nothing accomplished yet, lol. Doesn't look like gardening is going to happen either, I'm just not in the mood...

    Have a great Sunday. Oh and I love the picture of the kids! Isn't that awesome that they get along so well... my 17 year-old daughter and 13 year-old son are the same. It's lovely :)

  2. Hi Nathalie,
    I was really pleased this morning because like you say baby steps and small improvements all add up. My eldest has just got a job at Sainsburys on a Friday and Saturday night so I will probably be dropping him off and can look for the reductions.

    I wasn't in the mood for doing much today either. I'm getting quite lazy.

    It makes life so much easier when they get on I have friends whose kids really bicker, it seems such hard work.

    Enjoy your daY I hope you get your coupons printed xx

    1. Congratulations to your son on getting a part-time job! Maybe you can get a employee discount through him? My oldest has a part-time job at Target, a large "discount retailer" (not so much of the discount kind, though!) which sells groceries. He gets 10% off as an employee and can stack coupons on top of that, but his work location is an hour away from here (and involves tolls) so it's just not possible for me to use his discount :(

    2. He does get a 10% discount but only when he has been working there for six months. Oh that's such a shame, I would say can't he get the bits you need for you but then I thought about it and thought hmmm probably not! Xx