Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What a week!

Hello my dear friends,

It has been a bit of a manic couple of days in our little part of the world.

Sweet man has been away in Belgium for the last few days and a lot has happened to him during that time, with job offers in a different country, another local company ringing to discuss a job they have had arise and his own company ask if he would be interested in going for a promotion. Poor man is sitting here completely confused.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from sweet boy 2's school asking if I could go down there straight away. When I arrived I was asked to go into the medical room (always a bad sign). There he was with his legs covered in the most horrific grazes I have ever seen. The medical lady advised me he had an accident playing basketball and she was sorry his legs were a mangled mess.
We went to the doctors and they removed a cupful of gravel from his knees. Poor boy. He now has large medical swabs on both knees and has to go back Friday.

Today I found out that my youngest, sweetest little man has dyslexia. I knew he struggled reading and writing and at the back of my mind I think I had an idea this was likely but to hear it was difficult especially as he is the type of child who accepts everything. But now I know it is time to fight and see what help I can get for my darling little fellow. If anyone has any advise on what you can do to help a dyslexic child please could you let me know. You can contact me on my blog or on my email address which is on my information page.
On a fun note my eldest boy is off tomorrow with his dad and my brother to the Munich beer festival for a belated birthday present. I hope he has a wonderful time!

Well that's it for today as I need a large glass of wine. Have a great evening!


  1. Good grief, what a week of upheavals you've had. At least your husband's news is good news all around :)

    I'm sorry that I have no experience with dyslexia so I can't help. Here, I think kids with such learning disabilities (as they are called over here) get a special learning plan at school (after being diagnosed but I don't know the process, I do know the guidance counselor is involved at some point) and reasonable accommodations must be provided. But parental involvement is needed to make sure the child receives all the help he/she is entitled to.

    There is an (incomplete) wikipedia article specifically dealing with dyslexia in the UK, which lists resources at the bottom:

    I hope your other son's injuries will get better soon! I'm guessing he didn't play basketball in an indoor facility, then, eh? Poor kid.

    I hope you enjoyed your wine!

  2. Thanks Nathalie, his legs are getting better, bless him. Thanks for the dyslexia information, I am going to have a meeting with his teacher. They have already given him a yellow plastic sheet to put over the words on a page and he said it really makes the words pop out. His reading was much more fluent tonight. I will bet him as much available as I can to help him, I might also suggest to work that I could go on some dyslexia courses and work to being the dyslexia specialist at our school as we don't currently have one. Xx

    1. That sounds like a great idea, Tara. Could lead to a promotion too, who knows, right? At the very least, you would be better equipped to understand how your son learns and how to best help him.

    2. That sounds like a great idea, Tara. Could lead to a promotion too, who knows, right? At the very least, you would be better equipped to understand how your son learns and how to best help him.

  3. omg, you are dealing with a lot of stuff at the moment! sorry I don't know much about dyslexia but there is a website mumsnet based in the UK, I've heard they are very good so maybe worth looking at that, Jo x

  4. Thanks Jo, I have found some fantastic information over the last couple of days and lots of ways to help him. Yeah things are pretty full on around here at the moment. I feel like I need a weekend of sleep! Haha xx