Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Christmas Countdown week 5


Hello Friends,

We are on week five of the Christmas countdown.

This weeks cleaning area is the lounge, this is the main room that we decorate with Christmas decorations. I like to make sure that all the skirting boards are washed, any marks on the walls are cleaned off, the curtains are washed and every where is thoroughly cleaned.

This weeks freezer meal is bacon and potato hotpot which is one of our favourite winter meals so I intend to make a large one so that we can have it two days.

This week I have bought a few Christmas stocking items but not a main present as Sunday is my dads 70th birthday and most of our present money will be spent on him.

I managed to get a couple of drinks cups for my boys stockings very cheap they were originally £7.00 each but I found them in our local supermarket reduced to £1.00 each but when I got home I realised the lady at the till had only put one through but given me both. I also managed to get a pink pencil sharpener in the shape of an iPod for 10p. What can you buy for 10p now.

For baking this week I am going to make some sausage rolls as all the family love homemade sausage rolls so I tend to freeze a lot of them, I normally freeze them uncooked so that we can have them hot on Christmas eve and boxing day.

This week I am going to start writing our Christmas cards so that another job will be out of the way.

Have a nice evening and take care!


  1. You're making us all look like slackers, lol. I want some sausage rolls right now.