Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Christmas countdown week 3

Good evening dear friends. Here we are again with week three of getting ready for Christmas.

This week my plan is to tidy the children's playroom. There really isn't very much furniture in this room, just a sofa, television stand with television, sky box and games console, a set of drawers and a toy box. However this is the one room I have been putting off for a year, why? I hear you ask. Well because of the toys, I know that there are a lot of toys in this room that are too young for my children now and this makes me feel quite sad!

But tidy I must, there are also a few other jobs that I will need to do in this room along with the cleaning which includes washing the walls, skirting boards, doors and light switches. I also need to mend the curtains in this room as one of the loops has come apart and I need to polyfill a small dent in the wall where the door handle has hit it.

As you will know if you are following along I cook one meal each week for the freezer, I now have a toad in the hole, shepherds pie and this week I am going to cook extra chilli so there is enough in the freezer for seven people.

I add an extra couple of items to my shopping list each week, so I now have two bottles of coke and lemonade and a box of custard. This week I am going to check the cartons of apple juice at the supermarket and if the date is after Christmas I will buy a couple.

Last week I bought a Christmas present for my brother, this week I have bought my daughter a floaty pink dress and I am going to buy my two youngest sons fluffy dressing gowns that I have seen in next. When they are watching Netflix they cuddle up in mine so I know they will love them.

You can't see how fluffy this dressing gown is from the picture.

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