Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ha ha little ones christmas lists

Hi friends I hope you are all well. Were half way through the week.

I took a leaf out of my dear friend Natalie book today because I had bought a bag of popchips for myself and the children. They were a salt and vinegar flavour but when we tasted the there was no flavour at all. I emailed them and very quickly got a reply asking me to tell them the expiry date and the number on the back of the pop so they could look into the error, and if I could give them my address they would send me some more. Great customer service popchips. I am so glad I did this as I have been told they are lovely and normally I just wouldn't have bought them again but because they were so quick to reply and are sending a replacement I would certainly buy more.

Two of my children got new hand writing pens today to help with how they form their letters so to try them out before taking them to school tomorrow they decided to write there Christmas list.

Sweet boy 3

  1. My family
  2. Guitar
  3. Beast quest books
Bless him, he can definitely have number one and number three. I am not a big musical instrument person but sweet man is so it depends on who gets their way on this one.

Sweet girl
  1. Ty Teddies
  2. Bath bombs
  3. Mobile phone
Ha ha, one and two no problem but three well she is nine years old, a little young in my book, the rule in our house as far as mobile phones are concerned is once the start at senior school they can have one. In case they are delayed for any reason or if there is a problem walking to or from school. But my daughter is very mature, I know she would not take advantage and she would only ring her best friends. So I wouldn't have too much of a problem with this nut sweet man would.

Do you see a theme here? They say opposites attract ha ha!

I will probably end up giving in on the guitar as long as he has head phones because that is what I normally do. Sweet man will not give in so I will need to come up with something she would like just as much.

Have a relaxing evening


  1. Good move emailing them about the chips! I'm glad you got good Customer Service!

    I remember giving my kids the Christmas toy catalogs and asking them to write their wishlist. If was fun for them and for me to figure out what I could get within my budget. I loved having a lot of presents under the tree (to make up for lousy Christmases when I was a kid). Now that they're all grown up, it's more challenging. I just give them cash and maybe one gift but I try to find fun things to put in their stockings. It's so sweet that one of your boys asked for His Family for Christmas :)

    It's hard not to give them electronics such as cell phones, tablets, etc when all their friends have them. But at 9 years old, why would she need a cell phone? Shouldn't she still be asking for dolls? LOL. Kids grow up much faster than we did, don't they?

  2. Hey Tara, just checking up on you. I hope you're all OK!