Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Feeling Poorly

Good evening lovely people, Its just a quick one today, why? I hear you ask, because I am ill! A snuggle up in bed aching all over ill! Yuk!

Here are five reason I know that I am ill, and yes all of these things happened to me today.

  1. A young man who I was working with today stood looking at me and when I asked why he told me I was sitting in his seat (oops)
  2. It was pouring with rain and I walked straight past my car got to the end of the road and realised and had to walk back
  3. I pored my sweet man a tea and myself a coffee and put his two sugars in my coffee Yuk!
  4. When putting some ironing away I put my daughters clothes in my wardrobe. Oh I wish I was that tiny!
  5. I got annoyed with my daughter when she got one of her maths homework wrong (which I never do)
So after my disaster of a day I am going to have a warm bath, have a lemsip and go to bed.

Have a nice evening!


  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon, Tara! I was feeling poorly today too, even thinking I might have the beginning of a flu (I had the body chills this morning) but now I'm thinking maybe it's allergies. I can't wait to go to sleep. I hope you're better tomorrow. If not, spend the day in bed. Rest is what's best.

    1. Sorry you are feeling poorly too Nathalie, there is something going round our school about three people have been complaining about the same symptoms. I still don't feel great but a bit better than yesterday. My daughter has had calpol and gone to bed poorly tonight. Do you get allergies? Xx

    2. I hope it's not the flu! Yes, I am more and more sensitive to seasonal allergies as I get older. Here, between the humidity (mildew...) and all the different pollens always floating around, I find myself sniffling every night at about 10:30 p.m. and congested in the mornings with an itchy throat. I don't like taking drugs so I usually just suffer through it but sometimes I need a decongestant.

      I'm sorry your daughter is sick too! I hope you all get better soon.