Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wednesday rambling

Hello, I hope you are having a nice evening, we're halfway through the week. That went fairly quickly didn't it.

Whilst reading other peoples blogs I have noticed that when they talk about their shopping I compare our basics and have noticed that on average most people buy about two loafs of bread a week whilst we normally have about five a week and most people seem to buy two our pint bottles a week but we seem to buy a four pint bottle daily.
Are we really greedy?  We do make about seven lots of sandwiches a day. The children do have milk on their cereal in the mornings and sweet man does have a glass of milk before he goes to bed each night. He says its stops him from getting heartburn.
Next week I have decided to have a go at doing all my shopping in one day, so I know that is going to involve a few different shops and quite a lot of organising prior to going. For our family this is quite a difficult thing to do as we only have one car and I work Monday to Friday and sweet mans days can vary he is normally Monday to Friday but he also has to work every third weekend  as well as going abroad for a week once a month.
I wonder sometimes whether I should do our shopping online but this would restrict me to shopping at one store and i'm not sure I would get any offers.
Over the next two weeks I am going to do a comparison one travelling to various different shops and one shopping online and see which week is easier and which week has better offers and more for our money.
Do you shop online? Which week do you think will work out better?
Have a lovely evening!


  1. I don't shop online, though with your schedule I can see how it would make things easier! Good luck and let us know how it all goes!
    Lisa @ Fun Money Mom

    1. Thanks Lisa, I will keep you updated. It will be interesting to see which week I spend more. Thanks for dropping by xx

  2. So when you started talking about how many pints a day you buy, I was thinking you were talking about beer... cuz I re-watched Shawn of the Dead quite recently
    (Fancy a pint?"). Hahaha. Greg also claimed that the milk helped his tummy although right now he's on the kefir (fermented milk) as you know. I just did the research on probiotics supplements and the brand I was looking at is on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free at a local drugstore this week so I'll need to get there before the sale ends on Saturday night. I realized then that I've been using a probiotic (acidophilus) to treat cold sores (works like a charm, too!).

    Anyway, shopping online might be a good option for you if transportation is a problem. Do they deliver to your house then? When I went to visit my mom there were supermarkets that would pull your orders for you but people still had to go pick up their orders, though. Here, online food shopping is more common in large cities, I believe.

    Can you perhaps shop for most stuff once a MONTH (so stock up on toilet paper, canned goods,etc.) and then escape one evening a week when you can use Ben's car to get fruit/veg/meat/bread? Do you guys have UHT milk? Of course that would involve having room to store one month's worth of staples and also meal plan a month in advance instead of a week. Maybe not feasible?

    1. Oh god you do make me laugh, yes thanks I would love a pint ha ha. Oh love Shaun of the dead by the way

      Yes they do deliver to your house, they also can just pull it for you to pick up if you want.

      I could buy large items monthly and store them in my cupboard under the stairs and that probably would work but then I would need to be super organised ha ha theres a thought! We do have UHT milk and actually Ben loves that stuff. I might get UHT as well in case I run out. Maybe I should give that a go too and see what works best. I would have to hide stuff though because if its in the house they eat it. Xx

  3. as you know I shop online with tesco each week and yes there are offers online - £1 offers, buy one get one free - half price offers etc, there are only two of us and two cats, hubby works alternate lates and earlies and I don't drive, so online is better for us, Jo

    1. Hi Jo, I forgot you shop online, I have tried a couple of times but it seems to take me forever. Do you find that? Do you recommend Tesco? Do they swap many items because a few friends have shopped online (I don't know which supermarket) but they have said they had lots of swaps. Xx

    2. yes I would recommend Tesco, yes they do sometimes substitute items but you can tick 'no substitutes' , but sometimes I get a better replacement than what I ordered in the first place and don't get charged extra! It must be a challenge for the staff wondering what I would like instead, so I don't complain about swaps!

    3. Ha ha I don't know where to start with our shopping let alone strangers. I will give it a go xx