Sunday, 13 September 2015

Spending Sunday Update 6/9/15 - 12/9/15

Good Morning its Sunday people, wow this weekend is flying by isn't it!

Shall we have a look at this weeks spending. There isn't as many receipts to go through this week, that's a good thing, right?

6/9/15 - £38.65 Sainsbury
8/9/15 - £40.50 ASDA
10/9/15 - £22.99 ASDA
Total spent £102.14

Oh so close! The best so far, £2.14 over budget this week.

£110.48 30/08/15 -5/9/15
102.14   6/9/15 - 12/9/15
Total £ 212.62

Four weekly spending budget


Total left to spend over the next two weeks £187.38

I think this is possible because Sweet man is away for a few days the week after next so we can live out of the cupboards and freezer for that week.

Have a lovely relaxing Sunday!


  1. That's AWESOME Tara, great job you did! Make sure to share your efforts and results with Ben too. Hearing how I kept on saving money and I was being careful has slowly changed Greg's mindset and now he's the one urging me to have No Drive Days, understanding that I'm not going to run to the store to get something if we run out before Wednesday (well aside from health-related stuff!), etc. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Hi Nathalie, I did tell him ha ha. I got a grunt and a nod, typical man behaviour but I am hoping it is being taken in. Was Greg slow to come round to you saving money or was he pretty much on board from the start? You have a great Sunday too xx

    1. Greg is... interesting. He is very proud of making good money. He is proud of my frugal efforts but can't be bothered to match those efforts in trying to save as much as he can (example: just buying the plane tickets he did recently without logging through a Rewards program, etc.). He will buy things on sale to save money, but won't look for a coupon. He will use one if I give it to him but only if it's not making him "work" more. For instance, he will NOT drive to Aldi to go shopping when I'm not here because it's 15-20 minutes away and Publix is just 5 minutes away, no matter if shopping at Publix costs us several times what shopping at Aldi does. It's kind of infuriating, at times. On the other hand, he lets me completely control our finances and never questions anything so I try not to nag too much because I like that he trusts me and lets me be :)

  3. I think Ben will be quite similar when he gets used to it. I can't imagine him using a coupon and he will always go to the nearest supermarket. I think when he starts to see the benefits of shopping wisely he might become more interested. Well lets hope anyway. I don't blame him for letting you control the finances so would I. Xx