Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Christmas countdown week 2

Hello lovely people, yes the crazy lady is back again with a Christmas update three months in advance.
How did you get on last week, I know that Nathalie did some Christmas shopping (big yay for forward thinking).
Lets do a little recap on last week - the cleaning area was the hall which included the cupboard under the stairs. This was definitely worth doing as I found an make up advent calendar that I bought for my daughter in the January sales (it had make-up it, not chocolate before you all say yuck!), a hulk racing track, a  swimming costume and a game for my nephew. I then pulled out some stocking fillers that I had in the cupboard.

This week the area that I plan to clean is the downstairs toilet (I don't think I am likely to find any gifts in there, at least I hope not!).

We now have one meal in the freezer for the Christmas period, its time to do another one. This week to coincide with this weeks menu it will be shepherds pie. Remember to label your meal as a Christmas meal.

Last week with the shopping I bought 2 extra bottles of lemonade and put them in a box labelled Christmas hamper. This week I will continue with the drinks and it will be diet coke.

The tasks this week will be to write a Christmas card list, I don't go overboard with writing cards, I just send them to family, close friends and a few for work. I always buy my cards in the January sales so if you have cards Yay well done!

This week I plan to buy one main Christmas present and I am getting one if my most difficult ones out of the way, my brother (why are men so hard to buy for).
If you started to get organised for Christmas last week let me know how you got on. I look forward to hearing all about it.
Have a lovely evening.