Saturday, 19 September 2015

Clean Fridge Friday but a day late!

Hi everybody,

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, things have been a bit crazy around here, and I didn't make it home until really late yesterday.

But on the plus side I had to pick my son up from his night shift at the local supermarket this morning at 7am (yes 7am on a Saturday!) because of the craziness so I have had chance to get my food waste Friday done, clean my fridge and catch up on everyone news!

So here goes there was a little bit of waste this week in the shape of some leftover cubed ham, 1 tomatoes that must have fallen out of the pack and started to go mouldy, 2 slices of bacon and half a can of beans that I forgot about.

As I've just said I wasn't around much yesterday and look what I found in my fridge.

Why? What possesses children to put empty wrappers back into the fridge. I wouldn't mind but the bin is almost next door to the fridge!

This is the fridge before it was cleaned. There is some chicken thighs in there that need to be used up today so hopefully sweet man might like to make me a yummy curry today as I didn't get the one I had planned last week.

There is also a joint of ham that I need to slice and use up before Friday. Ham, egg and chips anyone?

Here is my fridge looking a bit cleaner, and rubbish fee ha ha!

Ok, so now for a bit of a chat, you know I told you about my sweet boy that was having problems at school last year well yesterday he received a head teachers award for his fantastic literacy work. I am so proud of him and this just goes to show how much happier he is.

Sweet man is no longer going to Switzerland tomorrow, as the trip has been called off for the time being so I probably wont be saving as much money as I thought I would.

Have a lovely day, I am off to put some washing on the line as its the first clear day for about a week.


  1. Congrats on the award!

    Why so many empty wrappers in the fridge?! Were they trying to tell you something? Or was it a joke? My older boys would often leave empty packaging but only in the pantry. It still was infuriating, thinking that we still had cookies or what not, and then discovering the box was empty. My daughter used to open cans of frosting to eat a spoonful or two and then close them again, and I wouldn't discover they had been open until they were no longer good and I had to throw them away. I'm glad she seems to have outgrown that phase!

  2. Thanks Nathalie.

    I don't know, its the first time I have had this problem, but surprise surprise when I asked them who had left the wrappers in the fridge they all blamed each other. Kids!
    Ooh, good job she has grown out of the frosting problem, that would drive me mad and I bet it did you too. xx