Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Starting to get organised for christmas

Hi folks, I am pretty certain that most of you think that I am a bit crazy for mentioning the C word this far in advance but for the last three years I have set myself weekly targets from the 1st September so that by the time we break up from school I can relax and enjoy the Christmas holidays with my favourite people.

Trust me guys it works! And it is worth it! No more last minute stressing because you have forgotten to buy a present for someone, or the house is a tip etc. I have been there its no fun.

So every week I am going to tell you the tasks that I intend to do that week to get ready for that busy time of year!

Each week I choose an area of the house and spend the week thoroughly cleaning and clearing that area. I normally start at the front door and work my way around the house but where you decide to start is your choice.

My first room is the hall.  Our hall includes the ominous cupboard under the stairs. Wow this is a scary place to clean! I could find smelly teenage shoes in there or leftover sweets stuck to a jacket! Yuk.

Come in... take a look

Our hallway, small right! Not too much to clean here. Its just a case of scrubbing the front door so it sparkles, washing the windows, washing the skirting boards and dusting the other doors including cleaning the door handles.

And now welcome to the cupboard of doom. See what a scary place!

I break this up into daily tasks so that I am not doing it all in one day.

The next thing that I intend to do is pull out any presents that I have bought on sale throughout the year so that I know what I still need to buy. Most of the presents that I buy during the year are stocking presents.

Then I write a list of who I need to buy presents for, I don't buy that many presents but the ones that I do buy are for people who are special to me so I like to make sure I take my time and get them a present  that they will love.

I also from now on make one freezer meal a week so that life during that busy time is much easier,  looking at my menu plan this week I will make two toad in the holes one for the Christmas section of my freezer.

As most of you know I can't stand shopping so most of the Christmas presents that I buy are ordered online. I write an inventory of what I buy and wrap the present as soon as it is bought. (This stops those little prying eyes, Yes I know you look in my cupboard kids, you don't shut the doors properly).

The final thing that I do on a weekly basis is to add two items per week to my shopping. I start with things like lemonade as these have a long best before dates on them.

I hope you join me on our venture to make Christmas 2015 a happy and relaxed affair.


  1. wow you are organised, I (hubby) start shopping after halloween, and with my tesco shop I just substitute normal shopping for christmas food and the same again for new year week, we just send cards but nice ones for adults and just buy presents for each other and son and son's partner,Jo x ps hubby's birthday is on christmas day !

  2. Hi Jo, ha ha, did you see my cupboard? Oh no, Ben (other half) birthday is the 5th December and I thought that was bad enough but Christmas day. Do you buy him double?
    With the five kids I have to be organised at Christmas and Ben is forty this year so I want to take him away for the weekend. We haven't been away on our own together for about thirteen years. Xx

  3. yes we buy double, he opens birthday presents in the morning and as a family we open christmas presents after dinner ( 2pm). When my son was younger we would get 1 large main present and 23 small ones and I wrote the number 1-24 on bits of paper and what ever number was picked then a present was opened every half an hour , a christmas lucky dip, that was the presents were played with at least for a short time , Jo x

  4. I really like that idea Jo. It makes Christmas last all day. Xx