Friday, 11 September 2015

yippee for no food waste!

Good evening! Guess what? I bet you can guess by the title, yes, you're right, I have no food waste this week!

I do have a chicken that needs to be cooked tomorrow, so I think I will cook it and break it up into pieces to use in soups, fajitas and anything that calls for cooked chicken. I also have two packs of minced beef so I am going to convince sweet man that he needs to cook us a chilli tomorrow. I did try to get him to make one today but his reply was "I can't be bothered". Well ok then!

Do you like the photo of my disorganised fridge?

Cleaned it this week!

It still looks disorganised don't you think? Not impressed today, perhaps, it will look better without the minced and chicken tomorrow.

I would like to say thank you to Kristen from a frugal girl for her inspiration.

We have done a full week at school now and I am very pleased that it is the weekend. I have got tired and grumpy a few times this week. But my children have coped better than I have and have had a really good week. I thought you might like to see some back to school photo's that I took on Monday.

thirteen year old (not a great photo of him but it was under duress)

Nine year old - my baby girl

Eight year old (he forgets how to smile in photo's)

Seven year old (our baby)

Have a great evening and weekend


  1. Yippee for no food waste, well done! I hope Ben makes you that chili tomorrow, it'll warm you up some.

    And I'll say it again, your kids are cute (handsome for the boys!). You might have seen me confess that I completely forgot to take picture of my kids on their first day back to school this year. The first time ever. I felt so rotten. I found a picture of my youngest son taken earlier this month after he had gotten an especially good haircut and wrote "First Day of 8th Grade" on it (yes, I cheated). He was kind of smiling on it. He tries to never smile in pictures anymore. Can the 13-year-oldness be over now? Like now? Lol. Then I took a picture of my daughter before she left for school yesterday morning. That'll have to do. Mind you, school started 3 weeks ago!

    Has your oldest started at University yet? If so, how is he liking it?

  2. well done! this week I threw away 3 cooked chicken slices, 2 slices of cooked ham, 1 full tub of mushrooms, 3/4 of a lettuce, 4 tomatoes and half a tub of coleslaw, all bought 8 days ago otherwise I would have made a quiche with salad! Jo x