Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A relaxed and chilled day.

Good evening, I hope you have had a nice day today. The weather here has been bright and sunny and I don't know about you but I always feel better when the sun is shining. See I knew I should have been born somewhere hot!

Things I have achieved today:-

  • Took my sweet eight year old back to the doctors for his check up
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Hovered downstairs
  • Put some washing on
  • Put the Gammon in the slow cooker (swapped days for meals)
  • Read to my sweet little people
This morning we returned to the doctors. My sons lump has gone down a lot so it is no longer infected but the doctor has said that there is a small cist still there and it seems this is what has caused the problem. Because of where the cist is we agreed to leave it for now but we have to have another check up in a month and if there is any sign of it getting bigger or causing any pain we have to go straight back and it might have to be removed. So fingers crossed that we have no further problems.

After the doctors, one of my friends came over. I haven't seen her for a couple of months and she bought me a lovely bracelet and voucher for my birthday.
We spent a lovely afternoon chatting and catching up, we then went out for a walk and stopped at Costa for coffees and cokes. It was lovely to see her.

We swapped our dinner tonight and had the Gammon instead of an Omelette (and yes Susan it was very tasty).

I spent a lovely hour this evening snuggled up on my bed reading stories with my favourite little people. We read a chapter each of :- The Secret Garden (my daughter has finished this book now and has decided to read Black Beauty next. Beast Quest - I'm not sure which one and Spy dogs.

I would love to head off to bed now and read my book but I finished it Sunday and don't have another one to read. Although I was reminded by Nathalie I could check out the lending library at Kindle as I haven't borrowed a book for a few months. Perhaps that's what I will do.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. You must be relieved, and your son too! I hope the cyst continues to resorb itself. I'm an airhead when it comes to birthdays so I can't figure out if I already wished you a happy birthday (was it this week, then, or did your friend bring you a belated birthday present?) but if I didn't: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tara!

    1. Oh Nathalie I am so relieved. I tend to panic a bit if th kids are hurt or unwell. You did wish me Happy Birthday and yes it was a belated present and card my birthday was about three weeks ago but thank you for the wishes again :)

  2. I know this greeting is a bit late but I wish you a Very Happy Birthday week, Tara! :)
    Will keep your little guy in my prayers for the lump issue to resolve. It's always hard when it's our babies going through something, isn't it?
    I have been downloading a lot of books from the amazon kindle store lately. I do not have a Kindle device but I did download the app and I am amazed at how many books I can accumulate for free, including cookbooks! Enjoy your reading! :)

  3. Thank you Dawn. My birthday was actually three weeks ago but I haven't seen my friend recently. She is a teacher so we normally catch up in the school holidays.
    Thank you for the prayers for my darling eight year old, I'm so grateful that it is something relatively minor. I have been so worried about him. Your right our babies are everything so seeing them poorly I so difficult.
    I have recently bought a slow cooker so it would be great to get a free book to help with recipes for that, it makes life so much easier especially when I am at work.

    1. Tara, I use the following Search to find free cookbooks to download on Amazon. It's for the American site so it might not work for you, I'm not sure but try it. I've gotten slow cooker cookbooks for free before. It's sorted from least amount (so $0) to highest so at some point the books stop being free so make sure the one you pick is indeed $0 or 0 pounds before you download it! http://tinyurl.com/z9b2nhd

  4. Don't you love birthdays that keep going on? What a lovely treat to have your friend celebrate your birthday with you....no matter when. Spending a nice afternoon catching up and then a walk, sounds the perfect afternoon to me.

    Love ham (and all cured pork), so dinner at your house must have been yummy. But omelettes are delicious too. Decisions, decisions.

    I love that you read every night to your children. I did that too. I did it as much for me as for them. It was the end of the day, a relaxing time after bath, a time for bonding. Hoping the next doctor's appointment is a success.

    1. It really was a lovely afternoon and made a nice change.

      I haven't done the omelettes yet Susan, maybe tomorrow evening. I do like a nice quick and easy meal on a Friday.

      I completely agree, I love snuggling up with them when they are all warm and smelling of talcum powder (does that sound weird?) it reminds me of when they were babies. And reading either to them or them to me is a great way to wind down, I have been known to fall asleep myself. Lol

      Thank you fingers crossed. Xxx