Saturday, 16 April 2016

Cancelling things I dont need!

Good Evening. I hope you have had a nice day today. I guess the word for my day would be productive.

I woke up this morning still feeling cold and fed up but I came downstairs had a coffee and sat quietly looking through the Ikea catalogue. I then came into the lounge with my calendar and a pen and looked at my bills and systematically wrote down when they come out next month and how much comes out. I then deleted some small direct debits for things I really don't need.
Then I got out my most recent Sky bill and realised there is a lot we pay for that I really don't want to watch so I discussed with my family about getting rid of the things we don't want anymore. I think this will save us about £40 a month (yippee). I have to be honest if I had my way I would get rid of the whole lot as there is only one program that I enjoy watching every week and would be upset to miss and I'm sure at some point this will come on Netflix.

This afternoon completely under duress I got everything out of my two youngest boys bedroom and spent the whole afternoon sorting, getting rid of things and putting things back neatly.
I went to the local charity shop once with things and then Ben went to the charity shop again with more items.

I also fully cleaned my bedside cabinet  found a great place for my Disney fridge magnet that my eldest son got me for my birthday. I will show you a picture tomorrow as I can't find my phone charger at the minute to link it to my computer.

This evening Ben decided he wanted a kebab for dinner so my youngest son and I headed off to the kebab shop and just as we were driving down the road my nose started to bleed. I quickly returned home and sat with a cold flannel on my nose until it stopped. This is about the fifth nose bleed I have had Ina couple of weeks so I guess I need to make a doctors appointment. I think its probably stress related and could well be high blood pressure but I hope not as I have always had low blood pressure, even when I was pregnant.

The kebab did finally get purchased as did McDonald's for my little ones. I decided to have a jacket potato and salad but the potato was still a bit hard and not very enjoyable so I ended up chucking half of it away.

I read stories to my little ones which was thoroughly enjoyable, my daughter is currently reading Alice in Wonderland and it was lovely to read about the confused Alice not quite understanding why everything was so strange on this day and had she in fact turned into someone else and then read about her getting small and swimming in her own salty tears. I finished the chapter with both myself and my daughter smiling. I love Alice! If I ever get to Disney again I would love to go to the mad hatters tea party with my little angels.

It was then bubble bath time and I used a passion fruit face mask that made my skin feel super smooth and I would definitely recommend and buy again.  

Have a wonderful end to the weekend and take care xx


  1. I hope you're OK, Tara. I'm wondering what could cause the nosebleeds but I don't have any suggestions. Please do get that checked out if you've been having a lot of them. Are you taking any medication that could be causing them? Have a great rest of your Sunday!

    1. I'll be fine Nathalie, I was talking to Liam about it because he rang me as soon as he read what I had written. We both think its stress related, I'm not taking any medication but I have promised to go to the doctors. I get upset very easily if someone shouts or moans and it worries me and gives me headaches I think it has now gone one stage further and started giving me nosebleeds too. Xx