Monday, 11 April 2016

Wow, I was organised!

Hello dear friends,

How was your day? Mine was pretty good.  For the first time in a long, long while I got up and managed to leave the house on time and with anyone yelling he's taking my trousers off me (yes my eight year old actually does that to his younger brother if he can't find his own trousers!), I can't find my shoes or I've forgotten my lunch. It was delightful we walked the whole way to school without anyone getting atrophy or ratty.

Once I finished work I practically ran home and hoovered the whole house, put some washing on, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen before I had to go back and pick the children up.

I promised I would show you photos of the lamps I got off freecycle yesterday but I forgot to do this earlier and now the children are asleep. Apologies and I will try to do this tomorrow but the lamps were a big hit and I had happy children.

I was told by a colleague today that I look like I have lost weight, yay I hope so. I thought I would go back to listing how far I have walked and what I have eaten today.

I have walked six and a half miles today, big cheer

I have eaten :-

  • 2 Bananas
  • Egg salad roll
  • Shortbread biscuit
  • 2 crackers
  • Yogurt
  • I slice toast with baked beans and hotdog on top.

Monday - Beans and hotdogs on toast

Tuesday - shepherds pie and green beans and Sweetcorn

Wednesday- Pork chops, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding carrots, green beans and Sweetcorn

Thursday - Pasta Carbinara

Friday - breakfast for dinner

Saturday - Chicken Curry and Rice

Sunday - Leftovers

This evening after dinner I had to pop to the shops and send two items I had sold on Ebay this cost £6.20

I also went to ASDA and bought two t-shirts for my daughter, she needs one for school as she is doing tye dying. A pack of two was £3.00. I bought some groceries at the same time the shop originally cost £26.00 but I got £4.00 off in coupons so it actually cost £22.00 including the T-shirts.

I am going to relax in a nice warm bath now as I have a bit of backache from all the walking.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. A very successful day for you in all areas! Congratulations! I hope the rest of your week follows the same pattern :)

    1. Thank you Nathalie. Fingers crossed but I struggled to sleep last night because my feet ached so much. I guess its getting back to walking again so I found it difficult to get up this morning. Luckily I had done everything I needed to do so it didn't matter that I was a lethargic wreck ;)