Sunday, 17 April 2016

Preparation Sunday

Happy Sunday my dear friends. I hope you have had a lovely day.

My eight year old and I went over to my mum and dads this morning, we had a couple of items that I had picked up from Aldi for them. It was lovely to see them and I am so glad I went s my mum had some pots in her garden that she really wanted moved and my darling dad is no longer allowed or able to lift anything heavy but will get worried and upset if they are not moved.

I managed to move them but one of them was very heavy and my son laughed at me because he said I was waddling as I was carrying it. Once my mum saw me carrying it she found it hilarious too, I must have looked a sight.

We had a lovely couple of hours chatting and laughing whilst drinking coffee.

Once I arrived home I started to get prepared for tomorrow and being back at school. I had already washed all the school uniform and it was drying on the line, I then ironed everything and hung it on the children's hooks.

We then went to the park for a while until my youngest son fell into the muddies puddle ever and panicked about being so dirty. Bless him

I then cleaned the children's shoes. Made the lunches and snacks. Got the children bathed and homework completed. Then stories were read and the children put to bed.

Chores completed today were:-
  • Floors vacuumed downstairs
  • Floors mopped
  • Toilet cleaned
  • Beds made
Here is the photo I promised you yesterday of my new home for my Disney magnet.

Now I can wake up every morning to my favourite people and be reminded of our favourite place.

I hope you all have a nice evening. Take care xx


  1. Aww you guys are cute! How long ago was it again that you visited WDW? Liam looks like he's 14 or 15 and your daughter is much changed too. I love the dress she was wearing at the park, it's very cute on her.

    Happy for you that you got to visit your parents and help them out a bit. I hope you didn't hurt your back carrying that pot!

    I ordered a mug from a site called Shutterfly last year, that's been customized with a large picture of my 4 kids, a close-up of Greg's face when he was making a goofy romantic face as I was leaving to go to France, and a picture of my mom, siblings and I at my brother's wedding last year. It's a lovely way to be reminded of "my peeps" as I called my mug, since i'll be drinking from it all day. So I love that you put your magnet on one of your canisters in your kitchen so you can see them all the time :)

    Have a great week, Tara! I hope it doesn't rain for the kids' sake, lol.

  2. Hoya Nathalie, Ah thank you. It was three years in August, Liam was sixteen, I know he looked young hey! Its weird my two little boys don't seem to have changed but the rest have really changed. My little on has a terrible black eye someone at discovery cove opened a locker door into his eye. Bless him

    What a great idea, I am always getting offers sent through from shutterfly. I bet that's by far your favourite mug. Xx