Friday, 15 April 2016

Today has been bleugh!

Good evening. I'm going to put this out there now I'm in a bad mood! I don't like blogging when I'm in a bad mood but hey I didn't blog yesterday so here I am mood and all.

I worked all day today which was ok, not the best day but still ok and then we walked home now as most of you who are regular readers know we walk about 3-4 miles to get home. Well today it rained but not just a small amount of rain it poured. We were soaking so much so that my coat that I put on the back of one of our chairs keeps leaving a pool of water on the floor and as fast as I clean it, it comes back again.

The children were so wet and cold that I had to run them a hot bath and make them a hot drink to try and warm them up. I put the heating on and put their pyjamas on the radiators so that when they got out of the bath they would have nice warm clothes to put on.

Even though I know I did my best to make them feel better I still feel like a bad mum, when I saw all the other children being picked up from school and mine looked at me and said "do we have to walk home in this mum?"
And we walked through the door and they are shivering I just feel awful and wish I had a little old car so that they wouldn't have to walk home in the  rain and they wouldn't have to sit and wait for an hour because their sister has an after school club. It hurts that I feel I am failing the people who make my life worth getting up for every morning.

I also still feel cold and unwell because the rain and cold went through to my bones.

Well I'm sorry for the moaning and whining.

This evening I popped to the shops to get some hot dogs for tea as that's what everyone fancied, I also got 2 packs of mini croissants (6 in each) reduced to 38p for breakfast over the weekend, and a trifle reduced to 58p for dessert.

The house has remained tidy all week and the children have commented several times how much easier the mornings are now that they put everything in its home the night before. Life really is easier when everything has its set place.

Its a quick post tonight as I need to head back out in a minute to pick my eldest son up from work.

I hope your day has been nice and relaxed. Take care xx


  1. Hi there, visiting your blog for the first time - I found you through Nathalie's blog.

    I'm sorry to hear that you and your children got wet on the way home from school. But you did your best to warm up everyone after you got home. Think of it as providing them with stories to tell their own children about how hard they had it when they were growing up: "We had to walk for miles in the wet and cold!"

    How lovely that the house remained tidy all week! A great achievement and one that I still struggle to attain!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hello Bless, thank you for popping over from Nathalie's blog.

      I'm so sorry I was having such a moody day when you joined me.

      Ha ha. You are so right they can tell people how hard done by they were when they were little. In fact my daughter said she got the sympathy vote from all her friends on Friday before we had even left. I'm sure she milked it.

      Believe me its very unusual for my house to remain today all week.

      Its lovely of you to visit me. Thank you and have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Hi there Tara, I finally get a chance to comment on your post. Are you feeling better today? I remember those days of biking to school when I was in France, in the often freezing rain and the snow, and how I swore to myself that as soon as I could afford it, I'd buy a car and never bike again! Then I move to Florida so I often wonder if that would have happened if my mom had driven me back and forth to school, lol. It seems that your kids' school is quite a ways away from your house. Do you guys not have school buses? Here they get bussed if they live more than 2 miles (and sometimes it's even more than 1 mile) from the school.

    It's so nice that your house remained clean and tidy the whole week! Here's hoping that the kids help you keep it this way!

    I hope you're having a good and relaxing weekend, Tara.

    1. Hello Nathalie, Its lovely to talk to you, no not really, I think I'm just a moody cow.

      Ha perhaps that's why you did move to Florida, I used to live quite close to my school so my mum never needed to drive me.

      Its not the closest school to us, we have a school just down the road but I decided I wanted them to go to the best school in the area (at the time) so that's why we have so far to go.

      There are only a few school buses here and they are only for a few senior schools. The one my thirteen year old goes to does not have buses. I can't believe they get a bus to school if they only live a couple of miles away.

      It sounds like you were a typical French mademoiselle cycling to school. I chose the bike I have got because it reminded me of a French girl cycling through the streets with a baguette in her basket. Ha ha

      The children have been really good at helping me to keep it tidy, my daughter came in and vacuumed for me the other day before starting her homework.

      Thank you, I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend too xxx

    2. I guess I should have explained that there are few sidewalks here and the kids would, for the most part, have to walk alongside or even across very busy multi-lane highways to go to school so the school districts bus them over. It's supposed to be for kids over 2 miles away but once in a while parents will petition the school district for buses if they live 1 mile or further because again, of the lack of sidewalks and the dangerous conditions. We have school buses for elementary, middle and high schools. Since they all start at different times (about 7:10 a.m. for high school, 8:10 a.m. for elementary school and 9:10 a.m. for middle school in the morning and then delayed returns in the afternoons as well), the bus drivers are assigned routes for high, elementary and middle schools. Of course, that is for the schools that you are "zoned" for. If you want your children to go to a magnet school or a private school, then you have to provide your own transportation. I drove my kids for years because when my oldest started Kindergarten is when my ex and I separated and I moved to a different town. Since we shared custody 50/50, I drove the kids to school on the days that they were with me. Then they went to middle school in my town (aside from my daughter who went to the middle school near her dad's) so again, I would pick them up from their dad's and bring them back to the middle school and then he would pick them up from my house on the days when they would be "with" him, since I was a stay at home mom. For high school the older kids took the bus for a while but eventually there were problems with other kids on the bus so I decided to drive them and pick them up again. At one point I was dropping off and picking up from 3 different schools AND I was homeschooling my youngest at the same time. Those were exhausting years, since everyone had after-school activities so they all had different times at which they needed to be picked up. Sometimes my older boys had to wait an hour or so after they were done because I would refuse to go out again so I would just make one circuit once the kid who had the latest activity was done. Once the oldest could drive it was easier for them as I allowed them to borrow my car on occasion.

      It's so nice of your daughter to have vacuumed for you on her own! I just did a load of dishes and was telling myself that I was annoying at having children who don't spontaneously decide to help out by doing the dishes instead of keeping on piling up more dirty dishes in the sink, to the point that the piles titter pretty badly sometimes. Grrr.

    3. Ah. No pavements of course I didn't think of that. That was the one thing I found really scary each time I have been in Florida crossing the roads. That makes much more sense now I wouldn't want my kids walking to school and crossing your roads either.

      Wow your high schools start early I don't get up until 7am. We start at 8.45.

      You was such a good mum to your kids driving all that way and picking up from three different schools as well as homeschooling. I don't think I would want mine going on a bus, there are always a few kids that I would rather mine not mix with.

      She said she wanted to make my evening easier. I am very lucky to have her she is a brilliant daughter. The boys aren't quite as thoughtful and before he comments Yes Liam I know you wash up for me! Ha ha do they just stick there plates and bowls on top? Make them read this so they feel guilty ha ha xxx