Sunday, 10 April 2016

Organising day

Hello dear friends, wow its a late post tonight.

Today, I have been organising, ready for tomorrow. I hate that back to school early rush, in fact I can't stand it so I have:-

  • Set up a new bag system for the youngest three
  • Packed their PE bags including spare socks and spare hairbands (just in case)
  • Packed the lunches, snacks, drinks bottle, water bottles
  • Packed the swimming bags including combs (I'm not keen on the dishevelled look)
  • Made sure all the forms are completed
  • Books are read and reading records are complete
  • Homework is done and packed
  • Hooks have been put on the backs of their bedroom doors and uniform is hung on them
  • Boxes are next to their beds with shoes in them
Yay I think we will have an easy morning.

I have also got four lamps on freecycle, two for the boys rooms and one desk type that I will keep for when we get rid of the toy box and get a homework desk put in the playroom.
I will snap a picture of these tomorrow.

Well that's it from me today as its now very late and I need to get up early in the morning.

Have a great evening.

Take care xx


  1. I hope everything goes well tomorrow morning and that the kids all get up on time, eat their breakfast, and don't forget anything! Have a great week, Tara. Sorry you have to go back to work.

    1. Thanks Nathalie, it all went smoothly this morning. I have just popped home for a bit. I hope you have a nice day xx

  2. You are so, so organized. I hope it lasts. It sounds like the first day will be a breeze.

    1. Ah thank you Susan, I'm not naturally organised so I do have to try but today was great. I so hope it lasts too. The head at our school asked me if I had a nice break my reply was yes I have a tidy house. She must think I'm nuts! Xx