Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday, Really?

Hello, I hope you are all well. I'm just wondering is it just me or is it beginning to feel like groundhog day for everyone? I felt like a five day week was eight days last week and it feels like it should at least be Thursday if not Friday this week. I know I really shouldn't be wishing time away and I don't understand why it feels like its going so slowly.

Things are a little bit stressful in my house this evening, my eldest two boys don't normally argue but this evening they are bickering. One has exams all week and the other has two weeks left at University and has three essays to write. It seems like they are both a little bit stressed out.  I don't like seeing my boys under pressure.

I worked all day today and then my daughter had a friend round for tea, so I have had a no spend day. Yay! I know tomorrow I will have to buy some butter as I forgot to buy some when I did the shopping on Tuesday. 

Tonight I read stories with my two youngest boys and we had lots of fun and laughs as they both got the giggles and listening to them laughing made me laugh. They truly are the sweetest boys ever and I feel so lucky to have them.
We have a nice long weekend coming up and I am really looking forward to taking the children to the park (if the weathers nice). Maybe have a picnic, play games and just generally enjoy my time with my favourite people.

I have already had my evening bath and used a nice refreshing cucumber face mask so I think i'll be heading off to bed to read my book in a minute.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Oh I hate it too when my kids fight. My two oldest boys used to share a room and, while they were best buddies when they were little, they couldn't stand each other when they were teens and they are not close these days either. Sigh. It's best to stay out of their arguments, they need to learn to work out their problems on their own. But it's stressful for everyone around them, for sure. (hugs).

    I hope you have a nice long weekend! Going to the park sounds fun! Is it close to your house? Do you ever let your kids go to the park on their own? We're lucky to have a tiny park close by and my son still enjoys going there to use the swings. There used to be a tennis court but several years ago they converted it to a skateboard park and it's been surprisingly popular, even though it's not much of a course. My middle son had been into skateboarding for a while (but he was more of a poser and was horrible at it despite all his efforts!) but none of the other kids ever had any interest in it. Do your boys enjoy activities like these?

    1. Ah, that's sad that your two eldest boys aren't close. I always have a romantic image of my boys going out together when they are teenagers. I guess you change as you get older, my two eldest are incredibly different.

      We are surrounded by three parks so I guess were really lucky. My thirteen year old doesn't go the park any more and I don't allow the younger three to go out without one of us yet. My daughter is almost ten and incredibly sensible but would not choose to go to the park without us which I am glad about really.

      I think my eight year old would like skateboarding, he does have one but like your middle son its not one of his talents. Ha ha.

      Its nice that your fourteen year old would still go to the park. The only time my thirteen year old went recently was when he had a girlfriend that wasn't the best influence and he went to the park with her when it was dark and I had said he wasn't to. Needless to say she wasn't around for long. Xx

    2. Girlfriend? I'm so happy my youngest isn't into girls at the moment, although I did ask him recently if there was some girl he liked at the playground since he goes there frequently. His answer was a very indignant "no!" but i'll admit that Greg and I have driven past the park at times when he's there to see what he's doing... and he's doing what he said he would do, which is swing, LOL. His brothers kind of were into girls but never had a girlfriend until the later high school years. My daughter doesn't date because she doesn't have the time and she thinks the boys around here are all morons. You know what? I don't miss the drama so I'm absolutely OK with it, hahaha.

      Your daughter sounds very reasonable. I forgot that she was only 9! I was thinking she was 12.

    3. Oh I know Nathalie. Liam has never really been into girls because he is so set on what he wants to achieve so I am struggling with his brother's having girlfriends so young.
      Ha ha I love the fact that you checked on him that's exactly what I would do and bless him for swinging like he said I think I would have let the cat out the bag and gone and hugged him when I saw him.
      Good on your daughter. There is plenty of time for that and its not all its cracked up to being anyway.
      My daughter says she has too many brothers to ever want another boy in her life when she's older. Yay! And yes she is great, she is so easy going and lovely to have around. I'm lucky but it sounds like you are too xx

  2. Hi there Tara, I've been thinking about you! I hope everything is OK! I miss your sunny posts :) Liam must be getting ready to come over any day now, maybe that's why you're too busy for the likes of us?! LOL. I hope he has a grand time. Take care, ((hugs)).

    1. He'll Nathalie, I'm sorry I haven't been around. Computer issues argh! I hate technology! Its all repaired now thank goodness so I am back in the land of the living. I have missed your posts too, I have lots of catching up to do. Liam goes a week tomorrow. I'm so going to miss my baby. I want him to have a great time and I'm sure he will but I will miss him so much. Xxx

    2. Hey Tara, I'm so relieved that it was "only" computer issues! After I left you my comment, I thought maybe you had had a family emergency with your dad and I was hoping it wasn't the case. Tell Liam I hope he has a great time!

    3. Yeah, me too. Thank you I will tell him, he is starting to feel a little bit nervous now bless him.