Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Whar a bargain shop

Hello, I hope you have had a nice day. I have been at work all day today, we are making Anglo -Saxon houses and I have spent most of the day helping young ladies and gentleman glue gun their houses together.  I must say they all did a brilliant job and they tidied up after themselves.

When we arrived home I put inner on straight away, we had Spaghetti Carbonara and apart from one young man the whole house had this. (my eight year old had ham and onion omelette) The Carbonara was such a quick cheap meal that I think we will have to have this more often especially as several children asked for seconds. Big yay for easy meals.

After dinner I popped to the shops with my eldest son - check this out!

I got :-
  •  Four loaves of bread for 6p each which have gone in the freezer
  • Eight lamb chops for £2.00 Also in the freezer for lamb stew next week
  • Ten slices of Haslet for £1.10 four in tomorrow sandwiches, six in the freezer
  • Garlic bread for 10p, in the freezer to go with spaghetti Bolognese next week
  • Bagels for 25p in the freezer for breakfast for my eight year old
  • Thornton's chocolate cake for £2.02 split into 16 portions and put in the freezer for lunches
Its feels great knowing that I have got offers that includes treats for my favourite people.
Unfortunately they didn't have any fruit offers as I seem to be running quite low on fruit but I should have enough for lunches for the rest of the week. Even better I got a further £5.00 off for a voucher that I had, making this shop super cheap.

Today I only walked four miles.

I have eaten:-

Breakfast - Yoghurt

Lunch - chicken sandwich
              melon and pineapple

Dinner - Spaghetti Carbonara

I hope you have a nice evening. Take care xx


  1. I'm hungry and spaghetti carbonara sounds delicious just about now! Can you send any leftovers to my house pronto? Thanks!

    Love seeing all those yellow stickers! Good for you! What is "Haslet" though?

  2. Isn't it about your dinner time? I have no leftovers else I would have sent the delivery guy with it lol. I think next time I will do extra so I can take it to work with me the next day.
    Haslet is a meat and stuffing slice. I don't eat it but Ben loves it so he has it in his lunch tomorrow.
    I was so pleased with that shop xx