Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ooh lunchtime and i'm here!

Hello, its an early post today, yay!

Oh my goodness I could not sleep last night, what about you? I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie, thankfully due to the benefits of preparing the night before it didn't matter too much.

We were doing woodwork at school today, not one of my talents I have to admit so I was rather grateful when the morning was over.

After the loooonggg walk home I walked in to a relatively clean and tidy house so I have taken photos of the lamps that I got from freecycle and have decided to post nice and early.

This is the lamp that got for my youngest two boys, it suits their room perfectly and enables my eight year old to read the mountain of books that he is intending to work his way through.

This is the one for my eldest two boys room and again suits their rooms they have a brown leather bedside cabinet that matches the base of the lamp.

This is the lamp that I am intending on putting in the play room once get rid of the toy box and replace it with a much needed desk.

This is a spare lamp that I will keep just in case.

Didn't I do well? Its amazing what people no longer want.

Now onto personal things

Breakfast was yoghurt and banana

Lunch was a Ham salad

Dinner is meant to be shepherds pie but I really don't fancy minced,  I fancy something lighter like a salad but they don't go down very well in my house and my daughter has choir and brownies tonight so I will have to think about what to do.

I have currently walked 4 miles but I need to walk back to pick the children up and come home again so we are looking at double that today.

I haven't done any cleaning today and I think I will give myself a day off, the dishwasher is on now and I might sweep after dinner but that'll be about it today as I am too tired.

Well that's it for today have a lovely afternoon and evening, take care xx


  1. The first 3 lamps are so great! I don't care for the 4th one but you're right to keep it as a spare and you can always fit another shade on it if you don't care for this one. Congrats on your great find!

    I also was a zombie today but instead of walking EIGHT MILES (8 miles?!?!?!), I did my grocery shopping and plopped myself on the couch. I may not get up until someone forces me to go cook dinner. Where you do get your energy?! Your breakfast and lunch looks great, Tara. That's not a lot of calories for lunch though, with all the walking you're doing, but I trust that you know what you're doing, my dear. Your poor feet must be aching, especially since they were already aching last night! I feel for you and at the same time I feel like a wimp compared to you, lol! Curse you :)

    1. I agree completely on the lamps, the fourth one is a bit old fashioned don't you think? But I thought the same I could put a different shade on it.

      I sometimes find grocery shopping more tiring than anything else, its ok if you just have one shop to go to but invariably you can't just shop in one place so its draining.

      Nathalie my feet felt like they were going to drop off last night it was awful but it just goes to show how lazy I have been over the last two weeks. They feel better today, I must be getting used to it again.

      I did have some fruit as well before I left to pick the kids up but I must admit I wasn't very hungry at tea time so I just had some crackers. Probably not the best tea really!

      You are not a wimp my dear friend you have already been cycling this year I haven't even ventured there yet. Xx