Monday, 25 April 2016

Menu Plan Monday

Hello lovely people. Ok after last weeks moan I am not going to bore you again but just look at the picture and guess what happened to us today...

Yesterday I told you my darling thirteen year old had injured his leg by falling down a rabbit hole, well this morning he was unable to walk very well at all and had PE today so I amused myself by writing to his PE teacher and telling him that he was unable to do PE today because he thought he was Alice in Wonderland and fell down a rabbit hole.  I am lucky my son is fairly good humoured as he was called Alice all day which did amuse me immensely.

I went to the shops this evening as I really need to do a proper shop but as I forgot my bank card and I went to our local ASDA instead of Aldi it was a fairly small shop rather than a weekly shop.  Luckily I did get bargains and I used a voucher. Yippee!

I spent £30.00 out of my £80.00 weekly shop, I only photographed the bargains, so I have £50.00 left for the week. I have also put £40.00 on two of my children's school dinner accounts for the month. They haven't been having school dinners recently but my eight year old eats hot food much better than a packed lunch and my daughter has so many after school clubs that she is often rushing her food.
My seven year old and thirteen year old will remain having packed lunch every day as the seven year old does not eat potatoes or rice and the teachers request he tries it, he has a problem with the texture it makes him gag so he would rather packed lunches. My thirteen year old gets irritated by the long queues in the dinner hall so would rather a packed lunch. There are days that my eight year old and daughter will take packed lunch depending on if the like the meal. Fish Friday is a definate no no for my daughter.

This weeks menu consists of :-

Monday - Burgers and chips

Tuesday - Chicken curry and rice

Wednesday- Taco's and nachos

Thursday - Lancashire hotpot

Friday - Pizza and garlic bread

Saturday - paninis and salad

Sunday - Roast beef, Toast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and veg.

Its four weeks today until Liam goes to New York and Connecticut, I think he is starting to get excited but he still has two weeks of hard work ahead of him. He does seem to be quite organised with his Essay writing this time round and hopefully he won't have a rush at the end.

I hope you have a lovely evening.

Take care xx


  1. Well shoot, I had to re-read your post from yesterday because I didn't remember seeing anything about your son getting hurt... no, you didn't mention it! I guess he wasn't the only one who was very tired :)

    So I'm so sorry he was hurt. I hope he's OK. It was smart to keep him from P.E. today.

    The main reason why I'm successful in keeping the kids from buying lunch at school every day is that the lines are so long that if they buy, they only have 5 minutes to eat, if that. So they're fine just packing their lunches most days.

    Love seeing all those yellow stickers on your purchases! Looks like you got lots of great deals!

    Have a happy week!

    1. I thought I had written about his injury. Oh your right I am too tired, its feeling like another really long week. Thanks Nathalie he is ok, its starting to feel a bit better now.

      Ha ha the bonus's of high school. Who can eat in five minutes, really!

      Lots of bargains yesterday but I went to Aldi tonight, oh my, I spent a lot.


    2. Ha! This is very funny because I just came back from Aldi and I spent A LOT as well. I even ate lunch before going so I wouldn't buy too many snacks and I bought even MORE snacks than usual!

      I'm glad your son feels better :)