Thursday, 7 April 2016


Hello, I hope you have had a nice day. I have been busy! See that poor woman above, yes, that is me. Tired-out Tara!

I get up every morning and look at my house and think Oh No, they've been again, those people that arrive in the middle of the night and trash my beautifully clean house, and the slowly the realisation sinks in Oh yes that's my family.

This morning I didn't feel like having breakfast, which if I'm honest is fairly normal for me. So I had a vitamin shake that my mum brought over for me yesterday (in fact she brought over several) as her and my dad have decided I look a little drained at the moment and like I need a pick me up. I settled down at the kitchen table with my shake and a list to wrote down what I need to do today.

The first thing I did was get all my ASDA receipts for the last month and see if I was entitled to any vouchers.

Yippee! I am entitled to lots of coupons £8.80 in total.

I then put the bedding from my bed on to wash and hung it on the line to dry. I have to say it certainly has been full of April showers so far this month and I must have retrieved the washing off the line four times and then put it back out when the sun came out again. I am persistent.

Can you see the rain clouds lurking in thaw distance?

I then went back upstairs as I have an area in the corner of my bedroom that has a basket and everyone dumps their STUFF. So I decided to get rid of the STUFF!

See, how irritating is that...
It took me quite a while and this is what I ended up with:-

This box to be taken to the charity shop when I have the car.

And, some of my daughters clothes that are in too good condition to be thrown away so I will put these on EBay.

I then returned downstairs because it was nearly lunch time and I could hear murmerings of "I'm hungry" every few minutes. But before they had their lunch they had to wait until I had cleaned out the fridge.

After lunch I :-

  • Hoovered downstairs
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Cleaned the toilet
And did this pile of ironing and put it away.

Can you see why I'm tired yet?

It was then time to cook the dinner, I had a tasty brie and rocket salad followed by fruit salad. The others in the house had either jacket potatoes or pasta.

This evening my thirteen year old is at cadets and I need to pick him up but I need to pop to Aldi first as my mum has seen a bedspread and bath mat that she likes in their magazine so I will pick them up for her together with some croissants for my little eight year old.

As most of you will know my Darling eldest son is going to America for three weeks in May, well one of the men that he goes to football with has booked him into the Hilton for his last four nights in New York. How kind is  that! What a lucky young man. And yes I am still jealous. I want to go with him but he has promised to Skype me lots.

That's it from me for tonight, have a lovely evening and take care xxx


  1. I am reading this from my back patio under my sun umbrella. I have done nothing, zilch, nada today as far as housework is concerned. I went for a bike ride and read my book for an hour under the shade of a tree while eating a free bagel, and when I came home I looked at the dirty dishes and the lovely weather we are having and decided that the chores can be done any time but the lovely weather is NOW. So I went outside with my laptop, my lunch and a book, although it's now 4:30 p.m. and I haven't even opened the book, lol. Then my daughter came home from school and told me she'd do the dishes tonight since she needs to start earning money for her share of the car insurance in May and since we're having pizza we'll be using paper plates tonight. I just realized that I got some sunburns because my face feels hot and my arms are a lovely shade of pink. Great.

    BUT: kudos on all your cleaning! I would have given up after the first rainshower and thrown the sheets in the dryer so you're way more committed than I am, hahaha.

    That corner in your room looks much better and you're going to be making money on E-bay, good for you! I have a cardboard box that I keep next to the front door and every time I have something that I plan on donating, I just add it to the box. Once it's full, I take it to the thrift store. This has helped me get a little (not much!) more organized. Right now, though, I have a full laundry basket of stuff to donate, I should have taken it today and I forgot. Maybe I'll go tomorrow.

    It was so nice for your son's friend to gift him the stay at the Hilton, wow. I think you said his itinerary had changed since the last time you had shared it with us. Where is he going now then? Is he excited?

    I hope you find the comforter for your mom at Aldi!

    1. Ooh sun, your day sounds so much nicer than mine. Ok now I'm jealous of you too. Jealousy such a bad trait to have and yet I'm full of it. Ha ha And your daughter did the dishes too, how lovely, even if she is doing it to earn money. I really should have just put the covers in the dryer it would have been so much easier.

      It does look much better doesn't it, I can't believe it got that bad! It'll look even better when I take the box to the Charity shop. That's such a good idea keeping a box near the door.

      I couldn't believe he did that, he said to Liam's dad that Liam is such a great boy and deserves to have a treat at the end of his trip. What a treat, I'm nice too ha ha.
      He is flying into JFK and spending four days in New York then he has a train booked to take him to Connecticut and he is spending nine days there but is going to Boston for one day and then he is back to New York for the final four days. He has so many appointments booked but people have been so nice to him Nathalie.

      I couldn't get the comforter they didn't have the colour she wanted but I got her the bath mat.

      I hope you have a nice relaxed evening too xxx

  2. Tara, your table looks lovely. You have a beautiful table cloth on it and only the items you are using NOW. Mine has become my craft table again, and you can't even see the table for craft supplies. Ugh!

    And nobody told me that this Thursday was "clean your fridge day". Neither you nor Nathalie sent me the memo. It must have slipped your minds.

    Congrats on cleaning and organizing yet another problem area. You must feel good about that. It sure looks good. In my books, that would have been a good day's work, but no, you decided you were just getting started. Wow! You accomplished a lot.

    Your son Liam is a very lucky young man. How wonderful of his friend and his dad to provide a room at the Hilton for him. This is sounding like a fantastic trip for him.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you, I do like pretty table cloth. Do you have a desk or anything to do your crafts at Susan? If not and you always work at the table I'm not surprised it ends up as your craft area. Its worth it though your crafts are so lovely.

      Ha ha, clean fridge Thursday, I used to wash mine out every Friday without fail now its lucky if it gets cleaned out once a month.

      It looks so much better than it did two weeks ago, things really seem to slip when I'm at work and I just get it back to how I like it and its time to go back to work. This time I am going to try and keep on top of it better. I can't stand mess, it really stresses me out.

      He is very lucky, he booked his Connecticut hotel today, so he is fully booked and paid up for the actual trip now and just needs to sort out his trains.

      Have a lovely evening Susan xx