Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Really, is it only tuesday? oops Wednesday?

Just so you know this post was meant for yesterday but I didn't get chance to finish it so its going out today with updates at the bottom.

Good Evening, I hope you are having a great day. For me this week is going so incredibly slowly, I said to my eight year old this evening that I kept thinking today was Wednesday and he replied "Only Wednesday mum, I thought it was Thursday".
So I guess its not just me that is being affected by this time slow down.

As most of you know I am a big Disney fan, so I thought I would let you know that if you are planning a Florida trip in 2017 Disney are offering the Free Dining Plan on any booking made from 21.04.17.

I was at work for half the day today and then I came home hung some washing out, did some ironing, hovered downstairs.
I walked back up to the school to pick the lovely little people up, we had to hang around as my daughter had choir, we then quickly walked home as my daughter had brownies forty five minutes later and she had to have her dinner before she left, luckily dinner was ready in the slow cooker.

I still need to make the sandwiches for tomorrow's lunches, I have been so good at packing these the night before and I know if I don't do it we will be rushing in the morning which I really don't want to do especially as I am at work all day tomorrow and Thursday.

I apologise for this not going out yesterday as it should have done. But I did get the lunches done last night and I have done tomorrows lunches tonight so I am not slacking yet!

I must admit I didn't get any housework done today because I was at work all day and I had to cook dinner, pick my daughter up from a friends and buy some lunch stuff for tomorrow and Friday.

Bargains bought:-

2 x cucumbers 12p each was 54p
3 loafs of bread 18p each was 95p
4 Chelsea Buns 36p was £1.20
2 Cinnamon Buns 36p was £1.20
Chocolate and raspberry cake £1.56 cut into 16 pieces was £15.00
Ariel washing liquid £3.50 was £6.00
Grapes £1.50 was £2.50
Crisps £2.00 was £3.00

I was really pleased with the deals that I got this evening apart from the washing powder they will all be used for the lunches for the rest of this week and next week.

We found out today that my daughter did not get through to the final 50 of the writing competition, she was quite sad but I explained to her that she achieved a lot to just get through to the second round considering just how many applicants there were. She is nine years old and tries her best at everything that she does and as a mum I don't think I can ask for more.

Well that's it from me have a wonderful evening. Take care xx


  1. Oh I'm sorry she didn't go on to the next round, but as you said, she definitely should be proud of going as far as she did because that was a tremendous accomplishment! She's only 9 so think about what she can accomplish before she even finishes high school!

    Tara, that chocolate and raspberry cake was an awesome deal! You saved so much money!

    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  2. I'm sorry also that your daughter did not get through to the next round, but I agree with Nathalie- she should be very proud of herself!! She has many achievements to look forward to and I believe that she will accomplish many wonderful things. You have much to be proud of, Tara!

    I know what you mean about preparing the lunches the night before. I try to do that also because there have been mornings where it was time for my son to grab his bookbag and stand outside for the bus to pick him up when we realized, "Oh No! I forgot to make a lunch for him!" and it is a mad dash to throw together a quick sandwich, snack and a drink. I am very floopy in the morning so relying on my brain to function without two full cups of coffee in my system is not a good thing. :(