Friday, 8 April 2016

Just a normal Friday!

Hello dear friends, I love the above quote it made me giggle!

I hope you have had a lovely Friday. Mine has been very nice, I spent most of the morning chatting to my eldest two boys then Liam (I can write his name without worrying as he reads my blog and comments with his name) went off to work and I cleaned the house for a bit. This afternoon I sat with my thirteen year old and we chatted lots and then he asked me what I thought he should draw, I replied a frog I don't know why, it was the first thing that came into my mind. So he drew a tree frog, this is just the outline as he hasn't shaded it yet.

We was talking about what options he wanted to take when he returns to school next week, his first four options are Geography, RE, PE and Media studies but he also has to put down three alternatives just in case the timetable can't be arranged for what he has chosen. We discussed Coding or IT, History (although when I went to the options evening I was advised against History because he will struggle with the time limit on the exam, he has to plan before he writes his answers and is very meticulous so his teacher advised if he had an extra hour for the exam he would do really well but in the time they have he wouldn't get the last questions finished, and I suggested Art as I think my son is quite good (I might just say I can't even draw stickman so I'm probably not the best person to advise him) but he said he is no where near good enough to pass the exams. Its such a big decision argh!

Late afternoon, I watched one of the DVDs that Liam got me for mothers day, it was of him when he was born. It was lovely to watch and his sweet little new born cry made me want to pick him up out of the Tele and cuddle him. How time flies.

Today I achieved:-
    • Hovered upstairs and downstairs
    • Cleaned the downstairs toilet
    • Cleaned the upstairs bathroom
    • Cleaned the kitchen
    • One load of washing
    • De-cobwebbed the conservatory (as my mum pointed out several cobwebs to me the other day- thanks mum)
I am trying to eat healthier at the moment so for breakfast I had banana and yoghurt, whilst reading some old Slimming World magazines.

For lunch I had a toasted egg, rocket and cucumber sandwich.

Finally for dinner I had a chicken and egg salad (but I didn't take a photo, oops)

I also drank some coconut and pineapple water as it is full of antioxidants, it has quite an unusual flavour.

I sold two items on Ebay today and I listed another six items.

I will be heading up to have a nice relaxed bath shortly as I have to get up early tomorrow morning, my thirteen year old is going off for the day in preparation for his first Duke of Edinburgh expedition in two weeks time. He has to take a lot of stuff with him, including a camping stove to cook his own food. At least he is learning to survive on his own.

I have just received an email, my daughter entered the BBC2 500 word essay competition,they had over 123,400 entries and they have put 4,500 through to the second round and she has been picked to go through. I am so delighted for her.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. I would love the squirrels much better if they grabbed a broom and swept my kitchen instead of destroying my vegetable garden, that's for sure!

    I don't know how you found more rooms to clean in your house, it seems to me that all you did all week was clean!

    Nice drawings from your 2nd son, I like that frog! What does RE stand for?

    Congratulations to your daughter for going to the 2nd round of the essay competition, that's awesome! That was a lot of entries that they whittled down!

    And look at you doing so well on your diet... I need to use you as inspiration.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ha your squirrel comment made me laugh :)

    See this is the thing people choose days to do their chores i.e hovering on a Thursday and yet I have to do mine every day. I don't understand!

    I like the frog too. R E is Religious Education, he enjoys it because they look at things like how a country should be run and although he is quite a quiet boy he has lots of strong opinions about what is right and wrong.

    I know it now goes to a reading agency and the whittle it down to 50. That must be so hard.

    Nathalie seriously, I was meant to be dieting in January and I have put on over half a stone since then. I need to lose weight so badly and it was seeing you riding your bike that gave me the push to try again. I just wish good tasting things were on a diet. :(

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Tara, you gave me my biggest laugh today with your Disney image! So funny! :)
    I am really impressed with your son's talent- he can really draw well!
    Good luck to your daughter! Please tell her your readers are proud of her! ;)

    1. I'm glad I made you laugh Dawn, it made me laugh too.

      Thank you, I think he can draw well too. I just don't know whether he is write and he is just not quite good enough to do a GCSE in it. His dad says drawing is just practise but he is really talented at it where as I could draw eight hours a day seven days a week and whatever I was drawing would not resemble the real thing in any way! I guess he could put it down as a replacement subject and just see.

      Ah I will tell her thank you, she made me laugh when I showed her the email she said I don't mind if I don't win just as long as I get in the top 50 then I can just get better. Bless her xxx

  4. Being chosen in the top 25% is nothing to sneeze at either. Congrats to your daughter. I think your son should pursue art. He has the talent. Now he will get more instruction and more practice.

    1. I agree Susan, I am proud of her she does try very hard. I can't ask for more from her.

      Thank you, it always worries me when they tell me they aren't very good at something and I think they are that I am being one of those mums (you know the sort that think their children are fantastic singers and yet all the animals howl when they sing).

      I will how him the comments and it might give him more confidence in himself. Thank you xxx