Monday, 18 April 2016

Menu Plan Monday

Good Evening, I hope you have had a nice start to the week.

I finished work at lunchtime today, I came home and vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and put the dishwasher and washing machine on.

I then returned to the school to pick the children up and we all returned home.

In our garage we have a large fridge freezer, I don't use the fridge part very often but as I have noticed recently that we run out of drinks and milk quite often and I go back to the shops and never just buy drinks I thought I would clean out the fridge ready for next weeks shop.

It really wasn't very clean but now it is sparkly clean and I can start hiding things in there from the children (they wont know about it so things may last). And less time spent shopping too. (win win!)

Monday - Vol-au-vents, jacket potatoes and salad

Tuesday - Lasagne and Garlic bread

Wednesday - Spanish Omelette and salad

Thursday - Lamb chops, new potatoes and veg

Friday - Chicken burgers and chips

Saturday - Tagliatelle Carbonara

Sunday - Beef, Roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and veg.

I found this weeks menu quite difficult to do and kept changing my mind. I think its because I really fancy a roast dinner so much.

Well that's about it from me for one night. Have a nice evening. Take care xx


  1. Make sure you make enough because I'm flying over to dinner to your house every night this week! Except for the lamb chops because I don't like mutton or lamb, but everything else makes my mouth water!

    How do you keep your kids from going into the fridge that's in the garage?

    1. You would be very welcome my dear friend. The reason I am doing the lamb on Thursday is because Liam doesn't like it either and he is not home on Thursday.

      Ha ha, the kids don't know its in use so they don't even bother looking. Its the only way I can stop them eating everything, those kids are gannits! Xx