Saturday, 22 August 2015

Birthday Celebrations 22.08.15

Hello, wow it was so hot today, long may it continue, if were lucky we may get another couple of days of sun!

Today was sweet boy fours birthday, a big seven year old.
We started the day with the sweet boy having yummy chocolate pancakes (his favourite) for breakfast and then opening his presents.
Here he is with his super cool sun glasses from his brother and his new Minion t-shirt from his other brother.

One of his favourite presents was this Robot-Turtle set that all of them had great fun watching. The cute little turtles dive off the rock and swim around the pond. They loved it so much they now want to get the other two turtles that complete the set and some robot fish so that they have their own aquarium.

 We then took them swimming to the local pool that had a water slide, they had great fun although they didn't swim too much as most of their time was spent on he slide.

Sweet boys favourite meal is chicken nuggets and chips, so it was always going to be McDonald's for dinner. And then movie time together and with his auntie and uncle.

It was a great day spent with our favourite people.

I hope you had a great day and enjoy he rest of your weekend!

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