Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bringing in extra money this week

Good Evening, I need to apologise as I have no after photo's of the boys bedroom yet as the eldest sweet boy has been sorting through his wardrobe today but with the stress of his A level results tomorrow morning and constant phone calls from his friends also stressing, he hasn't managed to finish it yet. If it doesn't get done there is another day tomorrow or the day after which is more likely!

I listed our weekly spending on Sunday so today I thought I would share with you the money that I have made this week and where from.

£57.85 from Ebay
£9.50 from Ziffit
£5.50 from Facebook sales

Total £72.85

I am quite pleased.   I have listed a further seven items on ebay today and one of them has a bid (Yay).

The Facebook sales were not quite as successful as I listed several items but only two of them sold.

Ziffit is an online sales company, I sold books that I had finished reading. The site was easy to use you just sign up to them put in the bar code on the back of the item and they give you an offer price. At the end you print off the code and postage details and take it to your local collect plus store.

I also have two bags of clothes to take to the cash for clothes people.

Well I am off to have a night time vigil of trying to get my eldest to relax and get some sleep.

 Have a good evening.


  1. Hi, never heard of Ziffit, might give them a try, but just recently sold two books via Amazon, I think I made about £20, I also find Facebook isn't very good for selling things as well, very frustrating! but well don on your eBay sales! Jo x

  2. Hi Jo, thanks I am pleased, every little bit helps doesn't it. £20 for two books is really good, Well done! I find it really difficult to get rid of books next time I will try Amazon. I hope you are having a nice weekend. Tara x