Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Have I produced hoarders?

Good evening friends, I hope you have had a fun filled day!
I think I might shock you today, well I was certainly shocked!
I have two teenage boys that share a bedroom. I feel quite lucky as they are both good boys and I am very grateful for that.
 We made a decision that we would have a major clear out of their bedroom.  Now, I have to admit I do tend to make them tidy their room once a week and I don't get involved apart from checking that its reasonably tidy.
I wanted the younger one of the two to have a home for everything when he goes back to school and the older one hopefully if his A levels are good (deep breath-2days until we get the results) will be heading off to university (No I promise I'm not really crying).
So I sent sweet boy two upstairs to get everything out of the wardrobe and drawers and said I would come up to help him sort it.

This is what I arrived to find and yes, I was definitely tempted to just run away! But I rolled up my sleeves and tried to avoid stepping on anything, all the time thinking these children can't possibly be mine THEY ARE HOARDERS...

Well we are two bin bags of rubbish later and we have done the wardrobe and all the drawers so far.


I have to admit it is still a work in progress as we still have the bookcase, under the bed and on top of the wardrobes to go but we are getting there slowly.

Looks better don't you think? Hopefully tomorrow I can show you the completed bedroom.

Oh and the hard work didn't stop there today.

What do you think of my Chicken and vegetable soup?

Have a lovely relaxing evening, I think I will be having an early night tonight in preparation for tomorrow!

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