Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday spending update 23/08/15

Hello my friends, this is going to be a long one so please get yourself a cup of tea and stay a while whilst I sit and wallow in the self pity of just how much has gone out of our bank accounts in the last week. (only joking its a worthy cause sweet boy 4's birthday).

  1. £15.40 Sainsbury's 17/08/15
  2. £28.80 ASDA 18/08/15
  3. £13.28  ASDA 19/08/15
  4. £2.25 Asda 19/08/15
  5. £8.95 ASDA 19/08/15
  6. £3.39 Asda 19/08/15
  7. £8.47 ASDA 20/08/15
  8. £22.20 Asda 21/08/15
  9. £6.24 Sainsbury's 22/08/15
  10. £11.23 ASDA 22/08/15
  11. £5.63 Nita local 22/08/15
Total on food £125.84

Birthday Expenses

Swimming £23.40 22/08/15
McDonald's £33.80 22/08/15 (the children were allowed Mccafes each)
Argos presents £123.93
Next tops present £10.50
Next sunglasses presents £6.00
Total £197.63

Additional Expenses

Curtain pole £17.99

Total Expenses


Wow and ouch is all I have to say. I feel sometimes as fast as I try to get it in, it seems to go back out again. But all of the children birthdays are over for this year now. We have all five of their birthdays within seven weeks and this year it included my eldest sons eighteenth birthday so it has been an expensive time.

Do you ever feel that sometimes you don't make any saving headway?

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and thank you for taking the time out of your day to come and visit.



  1. Questions: How much do you aim to spend for food every week when you don't have any special occasions? Do you separate groceries from eating out/ordering in in your budget? Or are you just trying to track expenses right now in order to decide how much you're going to aim at spending every week?

    Were the presents that you bought this past week only for your 4 year-old's birthday or were they for other kids' birthdays as well?

    If only for the 4 year-old, have you tried setting a limit on how much to spend for birthdays? I budget $50 to $60 per birthday. As we don't do birthday parties, that's pretty much all I spend (we make a cake at home). I also have a limit for Christmas. It used to be $100 per child when they were young, and now it's about $200 as our income has increased and the kids are older. They all know that even though some of them might be getting what looks like more gifts, I spend the same amount on each of them. Of course, our 5 older kids all get a better deal since they're from divorced parents so they get presents from their other family unit (and grand-parents) as well. Our youngest (my and Greg's son) kind of gets the shaft because his parents aren't divorced, hahaha.

    My daughter's 17th birthday is upcoming and I got her something she wanted on Amazon (about $11), a Tortoro blanket I had bought her last Christmas so I could get the free shipping that was offered back then (about $20) and I'll tell her she doesn't need to pay me for her share of the car insurance in October (she usually pays me $30 a month, which is 1/3 of what it costs us to have her on our insurance as of now).

  2. Hi Nathalie,

    I would like to have a budget of £100 on food for a week to start with although I would like to drop it to £80 per week eventually. I thought I would take it slow because everyone in the house are very used to having whatever they fancy.

    In this budget it includes eating out or ordering in although I am trying to reduce this both for health and spending. Ideally I would like to only eat out on special occasions.

    The birthday presents were just for my littlest (did that seem a lot?). I think your right I do need to have a budget for their birthdays. The two eldest ended up having £550 spent on them this year where as the three youngest had about £150ish each. For Christmas I also spend about £200 each on them.

    My eldest is from my first marriage and like you say he gets a better deal because he gets presents/money from mum and dad plus all the respective families.

    I'm not doing very well with sticking to my budget am I? Good job I have found you to help me haha xx