Friday, 21 August 2015

Clean Fridge Friday

Hi Friends. Friday has rolled around quickly again!

Before I start telling you about my waste for this week I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the blogging community for making me so welcome. I would especially like to thank Nathalie from imperfectly frugal who has been so helpful and given me so many tips. She really is a lovely lady who goes out of her way to give advise that is relevant. I would also like to thank Jo from solstice-days who again was kind and welcoming from the very start and has always been there to offer helpful advise. Thank you ladies your kindness is very appreciated.

Now down to this weeks food waste, I have to admit to reducing my food waste this week and doing a little twirl in the kitchen! Not a sight I would wish on any of you.
This is the before photo of the fridge as you can see its fairly crowded as normal.
Yay, a nice clean fridge again!

This is the after photo of the fridge. The bowl of new potatoes are going to my MIL's to go with a barbeque that she is making for lunch.

This is this weeks food waste, two spoonful's of tzaziki and a pot of ricotta which I should have used up earlier in the week.

I had one left over leek that I chopped and put in the freezer to go into soup. 

We had half a bag of spinach leftover which I chopped and froze to go into curries.

Finally, I had half a pack of parmesan cheese which I grated and put into the freezer to go with the left over Spaghetti Bolognese that I froze at the start of the week.

As usual I am joining up with The Frugal girl and Simply being mum for #foodwastefriday
Have a wonderful evening. 


  1. You did very well! I'm laughing at your "crowded" fridge though, because, my dear, I wish my fridge looked like that when it's crowded, hahaha. Good job freezing all those foods, and you already have specific plans for them, which is wonderful. Have a great weekend!

  2. You too Nathalie! I'm glad I made you smile 😊 xx

  3. not much waste this week well done! thursday monring, I threw away half a lettuce, half a tub of coleslaw and half a tub of grapes, not sure what I could have made, but I made a lasagne with leftover mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes and thanks for the mention :-) x

  4. Hi Jo, I know I'm really chuffed, its motivated me to have even less this week. Ah lettuce is a hard one because when it goes brown that's it really and there is only so much lettuce that you can eat. Well done with the lasagne though it sounds yummy, I can never get away with putting mushrooms in mine because I am the only one that likes them. My pleasure, I hope you have had a nice weekend x