Monday, 10 August 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Good Morning, Monday again, that week went quick didn't it! I have to admit we didn't stick to the menu plan completely last week. Hopefully we will do better this week.

Monday - Chicken fajitas, potatoe salad and tomato salad

Tuesday- Sliced pork in gravy, mash potatoes and green beans

Wednesday - Vegetable soup and bread (maybe an attempt at home-made)

Thursday - Toad in the hole, roast potatoes and peas

Friday - Left overs from the freezer

Saturday - barbeque

Sunday - Roast lamb, roast potatoes carrots and sweetcorn

Theoretically the only thing that I need to buy from the shops for my menu plan is potatoes and some sausages because everything else I have in the freezer.

The reason that we didn't stick to the menu last week was because sweet man came home early from work and said he didn't fancy what was on the menu.

Maybe the way to change that is for him to choose two of the meals planned for the week. I will let you know! And no that does not mean kebab and chips and fish and chips. Ha ha!
Off to do a shopping list now. Have a lovely day.

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