Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Different to what was Planned

Hi, I had a post planned for today and then life got in the way, sometimes it throws you a curve ball and all your plans get changed, and even the ones you love have to accept that the day will be different to what they expected.

We as a family have known for a couple of months that my darling dad was unwell, it was obvious but today we got the full diagnosis. I do not feel able to go into details at this time but suffice to say it has been a long and difficult day.

I left my little ones this morning after a game of swingball and promised I would be back in a bit to give them all a second game.

I have just walked in the door nine hours later just in time to give them a cuddle goodnight.  They are not used to this as mummy is always there but just for today that is what had to happen. My sweet man took over the lunch, the dinner, the bath and teeth brush. Then finally my cuddle because although it can't make things better it shows he cares and for that I am forever grateful.

Now I need to have a drink and climb into bed and sleep so I am going to say goodnight to you my friends.