Friday, 28 August 2015

Clean Fridge Friday 28/08/15

Morning, I hope you are having a relaxing Friday.

Its clean fridge Friday again, this week I have mixed feelings on our food waste.  We didn't have much waste (big yay). However we did waste quite a few potatoes in a potatoes salad. This is the second possibly even third time we have done this recently. I had a chat with sweet man and we have decided to only use half a bag next time we make potatoes salad. Then make more if we need to.

Before photo of the fridge! Not too crowded today (ha ha)

After photo of the fridge.

There wasn't really anything that I needed to freeze today. We do have some ham that needs to be used up by the 30th but it is only about three slices and I think we will use this on sandwiches for a picnic tomorrow.
This is our food waste for this week. (Feeling a bit disappointed about this).

On a brighter note look at the lovely tomatoes I was given today from my mums garden. Yummy I love home grown food. Mum also gave me a pot of strawberry jam that she made earlier in the week.

I received these beautiful flowers today from my darling dad aren't I lucky! Yellow are my favourite colour flowers and the lilies will be pink when they flower which is another one of my favourite colours.

Thank you Kristen from The Frugal Girl and Jo from Simply being mum for the inspiration. I aspire to have no waste.

Have a nice relaxing evening, my dear friends!


  1. Why is it that other bloggers' food waste photos always look good to me? That potato salad is making me hungry, hahaha. I never make potato salad. I should try to make some as my son and husband like a specific kind that we sometimes buy at Publix. I should see if there's a recipe for it online.

    Those tomatoes and flowers are so pretty! Lucky girl!

  2. Hi hun, Ha ha I thought that about your squash cake. The potatoe salad is so easy, new potatoes cut in half and boiled, then mix in wh

    Hi hun. I though that about your squash cake. Shame we don't live closer we could swap leftovers haha. The potatoe salad is so easy, its just new potatoes cut in half and boiled, then mix salad cream and mayonnaise in once cold, we then add either just chives or chives and spring onions. I'm sure your men would like it. I know I am so spoilt. Have a good weekend xx

    salad cream and mayonnaise mixed into the potatoes, then we sometimes put in chives and spring onions or just chives if the kids are having it as they don't like any kind of onion.