Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The happiest place in the world

Good morning friends.

Two years ago today we woke up at 6am, the house was filled with excitement and cases were stacked up in the front room waiting for the arrival of family members coming to deliver us to the airport (quite a task when there are seven of you).

The first family member arrived and in piled four of the children giving us an excited wave and off they went. Then my darling dad arrived and in we got, with dad swiftly making sure that I hadn't forgotten passports/money etc, I may be forty but its a dad thing!

We arrived at the airport, the excitement level was bubbling over, the next couple of hours were a blur of breakfast, duty free, until we heard the announcement that the Virgin Airways flight to Orlando International was now boarding.

The flight was relaxed and comfortable (Yes even with five kids!) and we arrived at the airport full of anticipation. We found our coach and was swiftly taken to our hotel.

Once, at the hotel, I got out my lists and itinerary (and yes, this is still a standing joke to this day) we went to have something to eat, the sweet ones marvelling at the lizards running around in front of them as we walked, and went to bed.

We spent our first few days following the itinerary to the letter getting soaked watching the amazing Shamu at SeaWorld, drifting in the lazy river at Aquatica, having a rest day and just chilling by the pool eating subway.

Then the 22nd August, the day that is etched in my memory forever, Sweet boy 4 (our baby) fifth birthday, he got up opened his presents and cards, we had some breakfast and headed off in a coach towards Magic Kingdom.

We arrived and got on the boat to make our journey towards Cinderella's castle, sweet girl, standing open mouthed in awe that we were finally seeing the castle she had been dreaming of for the last eight months.

We got off the boat and entered the park, getting sweet boy 4 a birthday badge, and then started to walk down Main street. Within those first few minutes sweet boy 4 had been sung to, given a cookie, and wished happy birthday more times than I think he ever had in the previous five years. I stood back and the look on not just his, but all five childrens faces was one I will never forget, pure happiness!

The day was perfect. We got signatures from Mickey, Goofy, Aurora (sleeping beauty), the toy soldiers from Toy Story. We went on Splash Mountain more times than I can remember. We laughed our way through the Monster Inc laugh floor when sweet man was picked to be Who's that Guy!, we became pirates with Jack Sparrow on the pirates of the Caribbean ride, we watched the Little Mermaid show with sweet girl singing along to all the songs.

Towards the end of the day as the sweet ones were starting to feel tired, we sat on the curb by Cinderella's Castle and happily watched the parade, followed by the Fireworks that signalled the end of a perfect day.

As I tucked sweet boy into bed that night he gave me the biggest cuddle and said "Mum, that was the best day of my life" and it was certainly one of mine too.

We spent the next ten days visiting and seeing some amazing things like Discovery Cove where you can swim with Dolphins, Universal Studios and Islands of adventure where we met Spiderman and Optimus Prime, we bought Bertie Betts every flavour Bean and each chose a wand from Ollivanders.

We went on the Tower of Terror (my favourite ride) at Hollywood studios, visited many different countries at Epcot and did a safari at Animal Kingdom but our final day we returned to Magic Kingdom and everything was just as magical as it had been on that day that first day, that none of us will ever forget.

Thank you for listening to my random memories. It was good to remember!


  1. sounds like you had a great time, we (me, hubby and son) always wanted to go years ago, but life got in the way, are we too old now, both age 51 and son age 27? perhaps it will go back on my 'things to do someday ' list! Jo x

  2. Hi Jo, Not at all, whilst we were there we made friends with a lovely couple in there mid sixties who hadn't been before and they were having a fantastic time, we ended up having lunch with them. It is definitely somewhere you would never forget. Tara x

  3. I'm so glad you got to visit all these places and you and your family had a great time. Those are wonderful memories that you made! You must have had a ton of fun if you came to visit in August and you're not mentioning the unbearable heat and humidity at all, lol. Did you stay on Disney property?

    I worked at WDW for 15 years and was on the Opening Crew of the Disney-MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios, still can't get used to that "new" name!). Both my ex and my 2nd husband used to work there too at various times. Nowadays we don't like the crowds or the high prices (back when I started working there in 1989 a 1 Day 1 Park pass was $32.75 and nowadays it is well over $100, I believe!) and some of our kids have grown and gotten their own jobs at the theme parks (oldest son plays in the Christmas parade at Christmas time and middle son has a part-time job at Universal Studios). I just can't bring myself to buy tickets when we got it for free as much as we wanted back in the days, lol. The only thing that makes me sad is that my youngest (13) was 2 when I got laid off so he never really got to experience the parks so he doesn't have the same memories as his siblings. I'm hoping his older brother will be able to take him to WDW one of these days, but schedules never seem to make it possible :(

    There are a lot of old people who buy annual passes and enjoy visiting the Disney Parks any chance they get. There's always something to see and enjoy. I may be biased but nothing tops Walt Disney World. Nothing. I just wish it was more affordable.

    Anyhoo, I'm returning the visit that you made to my blog and wanted to encourage you with your frugality efforts! I think that you were right when you commented on your first Expenses post that blogging about it might help you be more accountable. It has certainly worked for me this past year and a half, especially in the food waste department and also in learning to shop my pantry/fridge/freezer first instead of blindly heading to the store with my shopping list in hand and buying things just because I had coupons or I thought they were great deals. So, keep it up!

  4. Hi Nathalie, thank you so much for coming to visit me. It really was the best time ever and we enjoyed the heat, its not as bad when your on holiday and don't have to work in it is it? Its amazing that you and your family have worked there, I guess they must be one of the larger employers in your area. I have been there when I was younger pre children and it was MGM studios then and I still struggle with the name change. I have never really worried about what we spend or waste but the last year I have really realised that I don't want to waste money on things I would much rather have good memories with the children. Also we have been buying food and just throwing it away it is such a waste and so unnecessary. I loved reading your blog and how you make your own bread etc. I am looking forward to visiting again today but this time I will bring my note pad. Thank you for so much inspiration. I hope you have a great day today x